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01.01.2017 / 10.01.2917 - THE FIRST TWO 111 PORTALS OF 2017

2017 began with a great numerological magic intake: 01.01.2017 and 10.01.2017. These both dates sum up to 1 1 1 - as 2017 is 2+1+7 = 10 = 1. And this marks a path we have already known and experienced in the close past.  While we were going through the rugged dunes of the cleansing process that took place in 2016, we came across 3 999 portals last September, which marked the opening of very large time gaps, within which we revisited ancient issues that had been repeating themselves for many lifetimes. Starting from September we had the opportunity to face our greatest fragility and pain. We survived, we passed over. Now we are given other opportunities to reap the rewards of the hard work experienced to release our identifications with the inner wounds.
The first day of 2017 was the first portal 111. On 11.58 PM a Portal really opened up in the astrological sky, as it is possible to observe in the chart below:

The four corners of this 111 Portal are all related to the world of the Feminine Archetypes: 
1) Sedna, a newly discovered asteroid, named after the Inuit Goddess of the Ocean, symbolizing "the next phase of the awakening of the humanistic consciousness of Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth" (, in the sign of Taurus, belonging to the Earth Element, the grounding.
2) The Part of Fortune, symbol of what gives us joy in everyday life, in Leo, one of the most generous signs of the Zodiac, shining and bright.
3) Lilith, the Great Rebel, in Scorpio, a symbol of a lively passion (the Shadow of the Moon) that makes us eternal and extraordinary.
$) The Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius, creativity reaching the highest peak in the quest for freedom of expression, available to anybody anywhere.
These are the terms we are starting this year with.
The Feminine Archetypes have then found a way to complete themselves,  to mingle and to flow into the Masculine Archetypes in the second 111 Portal of 10.01.2017, so that every inner conflicts may be balanced in time. One of the main qualities we will be exploring in 2017 is to understand that our relationships are an accurate mirror of what and who we are. In the coming months we will find ourselves questioning and observing our intimate ties from this point of view. And it will be very interesting. 
Now let's examine the astrological aspects on 10/01/2017:

The Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Capricorn formed a precise aspect of Quinconx at 20 °, symbolizing the redemption of an ancient karma established by those who were forced to live their relationships only based on strict social laws because there was not enough strength nor depth to  understand love as the mainstream. Now that the state of consciousness is changing, humans may perceive they want to learn how to communicate with those who have always talked a different language. There is the need to integrate within ourselves all that has been so far perceived as being different.
Another form can be observed in the above picture: 4 planets were set in the 4 Mobile Signs, the ones closing a season, bearers of a great change: 
1) Moon in Gemini, to awaken a state of creative madness taking us to think and act out of the box; 2) North Lunar Node in Virgo, an Earth Sign, thus helpful to keep us on the right track to avoid dispersion; 
3) Saturn in Sagittarius, giving highlight to a spiritual call. Everything is acquiring a deeper meaning and we can notice it; 
4) South Lunar Node, Venus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron in Pisces, symbolizing all the old that we are leaving behind (the Age of Pisces was the era which we began to walk out from already in 1975).
The awakened Female spirit can mingle with the powerful Male spirit (the Sun is conjunct Pluto, representing a human being that is no longer a slave to his/her rational mind, and he/she is connected with the Great Beyond of the Self). Let us take time to observe how these aspects will change our lives, how our thoughts and actions may turn to peace and solutions instead of remaining on conflicts, reactions and problems. What we can expect during this month is the healing of long-term conflicts, enemies beginning  to smile to each other because they realize how fighting is an empty reaction, deprived of sense and dignity. While observing, we can be surprised at how easy it can be to change perspective. The here and now makes us eternal, full of passion. We feel we are there with our whole essence, totally real, and true.
Soon we will step into two more 111 Portals on 19.01.2017 and 28.01.2017. I will soon investigate the implications! 
Stefania Gyan Salila

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