giovedì 30 agosto 2012

SATURN, MASTER OF KARMA - A hint for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

In ancient times Saturn was the farthest planet from the Sun known to Man, who embodied him with the role of Time, Kronos, father of all gods, who ended up by eating them all not to share their power with them.
In karmic astrology Saturn is considered to be the Master of Karma and its transits along our natal chart empower us with self-assertiveness. The path towards our own power can be easy or hard, depending on how we allow Saturn to do the job for us, abandoning ourselves to its rules of taking away what we do not really need and building up around us a true-to-our-soul reality.

The Sun symbolizes our awaken conscience, while Saturn, being so far from it, is our unconsciousness. This is the reason why it is so hard for us to understand its principle and subsequent lessons, tending to feel ourselved as victims of life's cruelty.
To take the best out of it, we should instead get to know it better, so it can give us a root and a structure through which we can stand for ourselves.
For example, Saturn's transit is now in the sign of Libra, involving also Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. The sensation arising is of obstacles along the way, sense of  retreatment and loneliness, melancholia. The target is to move our eyes within to understand where we are and where we are going. Letting Saturn guiding our life means to see our higher ideals come true, by getting, for example a job that suits us better, or getting rid of bad situations or unpleasant people. It could also lead Real Love into your life (this happened to me in 1995 and so it is since then!).
Bear in mind that its ultimate task to make us grow into self-conscious adults, able to create a better world with their joyful thoughts!

I wish all a good life!
Stefania Ashtalan

martedì 28 agosto 2012


You belong to a given astrologic sign when the Sun inhabits that specific sign in your horoscope.
The Sun represents our creative energy, it indicates how we give expression to our inner light, how we shine. Its energy is masculine, active and powerful. Its phisical sphere is our heart.
There is a love story, an endless love story, that has never knows end. It is the relationship between Sun and Earth, between Sun and Man, two creatures that have always lived one for the other, because, if the Sun means life for Man and Earth, it is also true that Man and Earth mean life to the Sun.
While shining and irradiating, the Sun takes nourishment from the benefits it creates - therefore its energy is blessed and never fades despite the long earthly time passed since Man exists, even before.
The Sun is our centre, our heart, our main core, the essence as basic force where the nuances of the other planets mingle.
It is the source of inner warmth - according to the sign the Sun inhabits in our horoscope, it is easier or maybe harder to feel and express this radiance.
Fire sign are the Sun's home, so the radiance, hence the action, is strong. Creativity takes its path, even though it does not go deep, as warmth burns everything. Sometimes it is so hot that it consumes all the inner treasures, not giving them time to reach the outer way.
In Earth signs it will be like magma in a volcano, near the surface for Taurus and Virgo, deep down for Capricorn.
In Air signs it will be the passion for ideas, I am my ideas and I find my own identity in them.
In Water signs it will create a humid environment, it will be hard to warm ourselves up and thus to express our voice. It is as if the Sun can rarely reach its ideal temperature because water rules and everything seems to become steam.
Sun's position in our horoscope indicates where we feel more involved, willing or not.
Embrace your Sun, embrace yourselves and follow the path, whatever you perceive to be natural and easy.

giovedì 23 agosto 2012


Air signs speak of pure harmony, ethereal journey, where everything is light and flows.
Air signs are a challenge to life, to incarnation, to matter world, to action.
When just a child, a person born under an Air sign could have suffered from a severe sickness, as a refusal to remain at this level of existence.
This is the world of ideas, driven to obsessions, where reality hides behind what we think of it.
This is the reign of chaos, where everything is going on very fast, inspired by the speed of thoughts.
There is no stillness, no stability, no permanency. People have to concentrate over again to find the forgotten goal.
The hardest task is to face reality, to stop idealizing themselves as invincible, larger than life. If they fail in framing themselves in a true-to-life picure, they will become very frustrated.
Air signs must learn patience, learning how to fasten their belt here in this land.
They should learn how to pursue the same aim long enough to have something good coming out of it. Journeying along the wave of thought, they are extremely creative creatures, but it sometimes occur to them to waste their talent due to inconsistency!

mercoledì 22 agosto 2012


Now we will talk about water signs because I want to talk about emotion, a sea where we can drown and suffocate, a huge wave overwhelming us, up- and downstreaming, a hole in the stomach, palpitating heart, overreacting nervous system. Emotion invades us and we cannot understand what it is, not to give it a name. We feel distressed because such a depth frightens us and we only want to run where we can feel safe and warm. Yet we are running from ourselves, because that depth carries our name written in itself.
We need emotions to express ourselves, they are our instruments to live, feel, love. The only problem is that nobody teaches us how to feel and to express an emotion aloud but not shockingly for us and for others. Intensity frightens us. Oversensitive souls perceive themselves as freaks because no one ever taught them how to use their inner treasure to build their own world. Everybody should paint their own world in the special colors rising from the soul, just to see a reflection of ourselves around us. To make sure we are there and we can affect our simblings positively.
In ancient times oversensitive people were considered half-gods because they could perceive God in everything. Emotion is our pathway to God. Let us give our feelings the right role in our life and let us welcome intensity.
Those who incarnate in a Water Sign have this hard task to feel in a time where most people are frozen inside. What can happen is then that they could feel lonely and miserable even to their own eyes, until they learn to use their gift properly. Sometimes, when you meet one of them, we could have the sensation they have no skin, they have no division line between themselves and the outer world. They could be extremely permeable and consider themselves as castaways in a storming sea.
Do them a favour, explain to them that their sensitiveness is not a illness but a gift and do whatever you can to help them accept this part fundamental part, which vital for us all. Thank them for their mission.

martedì 21 agosto 2012


Ok, the experiment goes on... here another hint from Ahyrnel about Earh Signs. I hope you like it!

"We are entering the reign of caution and accuracy as mental and inner qualities. Here order rules, as also placidity, anti-chaos harmony, which are the instruments of those who never lose control. We are in control here, where mind leads heart, where Reason shapes everything,  even if it is a Reason looking for the divine hand hidden behind every single thing.
Earth Signs possess a love for a kind of order that recalls a divine order, just as during Creation everything was generated following a precise order.
Nothing just happens, this is what Earth Signs say, and they have the awareness that you just have to desire a thing to get it, it does not matter how hard it is or how long it takes, you will get it, because it is so.
Earth Signs are welcoming, can make you feel at home, because they incarnate the earthly divine principle, the Great Mother, holding and nourishing every creature. They incarnate the nourishing principle, food like a love exchange, they produce food for the starving, also those who starve for love.
Earth Signs risk to get easily depressed because they tend not to move nor to be creative. Sometimes it is necessary to push them out of their torpidity.
They have to be careful not to be overwhelmed by their relatives and friends because they are very generous."

lunedì 20 agosto 2012


This is an experiment: I am an Italian spiritual researcher, who are writing a blog about karmic astrology, Mayan astrology and Tarots. I noticed that many people from the States were reading my posts, so, as I can write in English, I decided I will devote part of time in writing specifically for the English-reading people. If the response is good, I will go on.
As a start, I will translate a short description of the Fire Signs that my Guide inspired me years ago, when I was teaching basic Astrology. My Guide's name is Ahyrnel and she is very loving. I decided to add a few sentences to explain concepts in a wider way. My sentences are in italics:

"I will shortly describe every sign of the Zodiac, because I, Ahyrnel, talking through my friend's heart and mind, I am interested in leaving a light print in your hearts, lingering like an engraving, and from that engraving a path should start, that could take you along during your days, while you meet every vital step in your existence, realizing how glad and proud you are to be there, in the right place at the right moment.
Every soul chooses a specific time to step into this world, the choice depending on the lesson is necessary to learn. Each Zodiac sign is a door, with a specific shape that will then support us in doing things and meeting commitments and challenges. Those who choose this matrix bear an indelible print into them, the print of action as self-assertiveness. They will not stop, so as you cannot stop fire, until it has completed its purifying duty. These souls purify themselves continously by taking an action outwards, and this is a heavy job for them, because they have to find a balance between inward and outward. This is why Fire signs are so out of balance most of the times. Their challenge is balancing inner world and outer world, their ego and human destiny as divine will. This means that their self-assertiveness sometimes takes them away from the determined path, from the path God chose for them, their stubbornness makes them blind.
So caution is their defence and advantage and once they learn how to use it, their reliability is strong. They need to be loved, they require a lot of love, and love is necessary because living beside them can be hard."