sabato 21 settembre 2013



Today Pluto, planet of unconscious psyche, of determination, of soul depths, turns to direct again, after a long retrograde motion since April 13, when we were all stuck on a stand-by
Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, Water sign of a deep pond, challenging us to dive into its mud to find the Great Light of the Power of the Creative Mind. It takes courage, but the gift we discover at the bottom of the pond is immense.
Now, since 2010 Pluto is in Capricorn, which is much like a mountain, the Holy Mountain of Realization. What Pluto can teach us from this position is to learn how to create a channel inside of us, passing through the unconscious structures of social conditionings and wrong believes to get at our Inner Light, the Joy we all cherish inside.
The expression of this joy is pure creativity, allowing us to build up a better life, resembling to our dreams.
As Pluto is a slow planet, it will remain in Capricorn until 2023, alternating direct and retrograde motion (in this post in Italian you find details about this:
allowing us to advance in the process of inner exploration but also stopping us in order to root the acquired intuitions, so that everything is perfectly integrated.
This process is so slow because it is operating at a very deep level. To accelerate the discovery and the integration, we are asked to express our will to surrender in the process itself, with blind faith in God, as we cannot know what Pluto is going to bring forth, as it is working at an unconscious level. Yet you can be sure that its lessons are perfect for each and one of us, no matter what is your Zodiac sign, because slow planets have a planetary and not only an individual influence.   
Obviously, meditation is the best instrument we have to face Pluto's lessons, because while meditating our mind loses its power on us, and our heart intermingles with understanding and compassion.
This return to a direct motion will take away the burden from our shoulders, freeing our mind and its positive sense. We will optimistic and motivated again.
We have been working a lot to get our balance these last months, so it is time to relax and enjoy it.
Stefania Ashtalan

venerdì 20 settembre 2013



Yesterday in the late hours the Moon entered Aries, where it will remain until tomorrow, September 21.
Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and it indicates the answer to the archetypal question : Who am I?, thus leading us on a path of research for our real identity.
After the Full Moon in Pisces took us up to very high emotional levels, opening our soul to a very strong sensitiveness, it is possible that we now feel a little bit upside-down, and we need to go back with our feet on the ground, integrating in our everyday life what we have felt with such an intensity.
This Moon is reawakening an active research for a sense and for an identity, so that our life and its events may be aligned with our desires, with what we feel we deserve.
Furthermore the Moon is setting itself inside the Cross of Cardinal Signs (Uranus retrograde in Aries, Light invading our understanding, thus pushing us to action as we cannot stand any other personal unjustice. This sensation is reinforced by the Moon, stimulating us to find proper solutions; Jupiter in Cancer, wellness, material comforts, inner peace; Mercury in Libra, logic trying to calm us down to prevent false moves; Pluto still retrograde for a few hours in Capricorn, investing us with its cosmic bad humour - tomorrow Pluto gets to a direct motion again: we will feel at last free to be optimistic).
Please check here if your planets are in one of these signs, as this would mean that this dynamic will be particularly strong for you. Yet, starting from tomorrow, Life will look easier and softer (I will write about this later on):
Stefania Ashtalan

mercoledì 18 settembre 2013


From September 17 to 19 the Moon is travelling in Pisces, where it will get Full on 19. It will thus activate the axis Sun in Virgo - Moon in Pisces, from order to chaos, from separation to unity, from a microcosmos to a macrocosmos. A path leading us to a great state of inner peace and acceptance.
This Full Moon in a Water Sign opposed to the Sun in Earth sign is activating the process of birth of a new life. So if you are nourishing a new project, this is the right moment to make it real.
The Moon also opens up the gate to the next Equinox, the highest  point of energy balance, where every kind of vibration is equal to any other. We are then able to consciously enter a process of integration between our conscious and the unconscious emotions, opening up our eyes and heart to what requires love inside of us, to have access to a higher state of consciousness. 
Besides, the Moon in Pisces gets to a conjunction with Neptune and Chiron retrograde (the top level for the human consciousness, together with a sense of sacrifice because we feel how hard it is to get till there). The reflected light of the Moon enlights our way towards that wonderful target, speeding up our pace.
Time has come to take a look at our unconscious fears, trying to send them love. In fact we need not to fear anything, for the Moon is activating a strong communication with the Angelic World, always ready to answer to any of our requests, chasing away the human sense of cosmic loneliness.
Stefania Ashtalan

lunedì 16 settembre 2013


From September 15 to 17 the Moon is in Aquarius, a visionary, revolutionary, anticonformistic sign, driven towards the future and the high spectrum of light.
Baba Bedi ( in his Aquarian Philosophy defined Uranus, ruler of this sign, as the planet symbolizing our psychic sensitiveness, the human ability of capturing the invisible.
This Moon is forming an important square aspect (inner tension) with Saturn in Scorpio (deep desires), pushing us first to focus on what is still lying inside of us unheard, to take it out and make it real. This part represents an important tool to get to our integrity.
As this is a very powerful Moon because it is almost full, it is able to take out a lot of our shadows (of which I wrote this morning in Italian:, that Saturn is tending to emphasize while travelling in the unconscious sea  of Scorpio.
If you have also felt surrounded by strange events today, I invite you to use the Ho'oponopono mantra (for details, where the affirmations FORGIVE ME, I'M SORRY, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU have the power to clean up and to purify our own energies, thus helping the process brought by through this Moon.
If we really want to get to our integrity, it is also necessary to face what we don't love much nor love at all within us

Stefania Ashtalan

domenica 15 settembre 2013



This astrological week opens up with Venus, the planet representing love,  newly entered in Scorpio, Water sign, sharp-minded, passionate, jelous, sensitive, absurd but wondrous eighth Zodiac sign. Venus will remain in Scorpio till October, 07.
In this realm Venus cannot express its strength at full, as it rules Taurus, in opposition to Scorpio. Venus in Taurus is a delicate, loving and caring feeling, while in Scorpio it can stick to what is usually forbidden, thus igniting the research for weird and complicated situations.
Scorpio natives may fall in love with Love itself, feeling stuck in a passion out of any control. They may feel eager to become one with those who originate their feeling of belonging. Scorpio can experience an extraordinary intensity, out of the control of the mind, being totally into the role that the Comedy of Life brings forth.
Other signs fully involved in this transit are:
Taurus, that may feel shaken to the bones, but maybe will find a way to dive into life experiences less heavily, instead of sitting to observe, while the others live.
Leo, that is running the "risk" of falling in love with someone it would not even take a little look at before. There is a strange beastly instict waking up now: the hunter is making his/her way to the prey.
Aquarius, that is concerned because he/she is feeling they cannot control their life any longer. This is clearly not possible: it is necessary to realize how important it is to enter into the Flow of the events.
Then, Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus. The planet was there just until a few days ago. Our delicate Libra will start feeling a strange restlessness, and it may want to escape towards unknown adventures.
For all the other signs and for our earthly collective consciousness, Venus in Scorpio represents a drive to look at the deep emotional side of life. We are no longer satisfied living in the surface: love affairs, friendship, our job, we want to feel we really belong there, or it is very hard to go on.
This is a chance to investigate our soul to understand who we are and what we really need to feel good. Venus, that represents  at a symbolic level our Heart and all the relative issues, transiting in Scorpio, the power of Spiritual Transmutation, is taking us by the hand leading us along a more and more accurate path of self-definition, where we finally feel we have found an inner dimension we can call HOME.
Furthermore, Venus in Scorpio is forming a conjunction to Saturn. As Saturn in Scorpio has a great power to make our dreams come true, Venus is adding her sweet perfume of charm to this creative ability by surrounding us with its light of pure magic. This is particularly true for Capricorn and Aries, usually two pragmatic and logical signs. They will start seeing new landscapes, that could not be taken into consideration until now, as they have been both going through a very peculiar time since 2010/2011.
They represent two aspects of the same energy: Aries is a pioneer, opening up new tracks, while Capricorn is the result one reaches through tenacity and devotion. They are two antithetic vibrations but they are now linked together by two planets: Uranus, planet of Light in Aries, and Pluto, the unconscious, in Capricorn. The power of this antithesis will allow Aries and Capricorn to reach for unexpected results in these next days.
Venus/Saturn conjunction is also reinforcing the mythic planet Trine in Water signs (for details, pls see: - it is written in Italian, but there is a very effective translation service).
Now it is important to understand the following: the three Water signs represent the Whole human emotional world at different levels. Since last June, we all have been called by this Trine (Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune retrograde in Pisces) to live according to our own truth, thus getting rid of masks and fake feelings. Those who are not used to face the truth of their own emotions may feel very angry, for they cannot recognize the changing outside world any longer. It would be better to stay still and observe inside what needs healing and care.
People belonging to Water signs may have it easier to deal with this process: Cancer is running towards a wonderful state of self-sufficiency, using they innate creative power in a positive and steady way, also giving birth to a new kind of sparkling life, after sleeping all last year long.
Pisces possess this wonderful gifr of always finding a reason to dream and lastly dreaming is an instrument they can use to find themselves. If life seems to be too tough, you just dream. This is no escape, but a way to find a deep nourishment for your hungry Soul looking for Magic.
As a consequence Virgo, in opposition to Pisces, can learn how to let control go. Any "freaky" Virgo needs to let it go: life is not fighting or holding on but experience and learning.
Sagittarius and Gemini are overwhelmed with thousands of requests from the outside world, but they can both deal with them, as they are very communicative and self-centered. In any case, if you feel tension, just smile, and tension will be relieved.
Stefania Ashtalan  

sabato 14 settembre 2013



From September 13, early afternoon, to 15, early afternoon (Central Europe time), the Moon is in Capricorn.
Its primary characteristic is to enlight our inner power, because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, our Self, the deep Sense of Identity, the spinal chord elevating us from the ground, the path leading to spiritual awakening, drifting away from basic human insticts.
We feel then pushed to seld-discipline, to get rid of bad habits, choosing to clean up our body and mind.
Besides, a very important fact is that this Moon is forming an aspect of conjuction with Pluto, our unconscious, in Capricorn as well, retrograde. The Moon also represents a deep inner state, so that both astral bodies give light to our hidden emotions related to past events (Pluto retrograde), asking to be processed and understood. These are the usual wrong mechanisms we regularly pass through, when one wonders why he is always going through the same old mess.
Humbly observing ourselves with a honest heart, we can see and understand the reason why. Please consider that the mystic union between the Moon and Pluto has a great evolutionary power, because they both relate to our Soul's experiences. Furthermore, they are strongly activated by the square aspect (inner tension) of Uranus retrograde in Aries, the planet of Lighr in a Fire sign. Uranus will shout in our inner ears until we accomplish the task of looking at those mechanisms very closely.
Three days' time (so long the Moon remains in Capricorn, as written above), is a very short period. But it nevertheless gives us the chance to take a deep look at what is unbalanced inside of us, the same old patterns. The solution will take form inside and the answer will come out when the Moon enters Aries, next weekend, getting close to Uranus. These two lights, one reflected and the other electric, will join together thus emanating a ray that will be captured by our sixth sense. This will be the moment when we are blessed with the right intuitions, and the answer is there!
Stefania Ashtalan

venerdì 13 settembre 2013



From September 11 to 13 Settembre 2013 Moon travels in Sagittarius, Fire sign of the last Zodiac group of four, the signs of Absolute.
Sagittarius is a sign of research: Truth, Deep Sense of Existence, Path to our own Divinity, Sense of Identification with a Spiritual Mission emerging from within.
The Moon is bringing a very female and thus important  nuance to Sagittarius, incarnating the Sacred Principle of the Feminine, like the glance God Father Mother launches on everything surrounding Him/Her, as a natural development of His/Her Ray of Love.
When the Moon travels in Sagittarius we have the chance to get in touch  with the deep core of our feminine side, if we are women. If you are a man, you will understand how important were the lessons you received through the relationship to your feminine world, represented by your mother, daughter/s, sister/s, wife/ves, lovers, and so on.
Time has come to acknowledge the true role of this Half of Heaven, as the Eastern people call us.
All through human history the Sacred Feminine was adored but all tortured and murdered because it was too powerful and scary for the masculine orthodox monotheist world.
And now these last three days underline this dynamic by the square formed by the Crescent Moon in Sagittarius to the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces (three quarters of the Cross of Mobile Signs). The Eternal Sacred Feminine is requiring its own place between the Rational Logic of our Culture (Sun in Virgo) and the established religious systems (Neptune in Pisces).
We women should now acknowledge our own worth as carriers of Peace and Acceptance, of Motherliness towards Life itself and keepers of the Great Secret of Life (the ability to help the development of another human being - in a physical and metaphysical sense).
Feel the Mystic Channel of Life opening inside of you, illuminating your physical and energetic bodies, radiating through your physic body, soul and spirit and back. This is our power and we thus get in touch with our Essence. AND SO WE ARE!  
In the link here under you can check which one of your planets are in Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces, for this call is for you:

Have a wonderful Moon and pls come back in the next days for the Moon in Capricorn!

Stefania Ashtalan

giovedì 12 settembre 2013


Let us take a look at this wonderful Crescent Moon in Scorpio:
first of all, Scorpio is a Water Sign, that is the emotional world. These kind of emotions stem from a deep need of being part an undivisible unity, when two souls become one. It is an absolute call for belonging, it is the birth of a microscopic circle formed by two beings living for each other and within each other.
The Moon represents our intimate part, no matter what gender we live in. When it travels in this sign, it lights up this process that fills us up with strong emotions.
We feel the boundaries of simply surviving, we want to go deep into love and belonging with all of ourselves. Scorpio wants it all or nothing.
This sign is ruled by Pluto, representing the unconscious, thus the emotions coming to the surface in these past few days cannot be controlled as they are unknown. We feel so restless that only our lover's warm embrace can soothe us.
Let us now consider a deeper sense in this planetary aspect, for it underlines how necessary it is to integrate our dark side, that is, inner emotions we did not want to deal with up to now. We are not asked to open up the door on a sorrowful past, but to open up our heart to everything we feel it is coming up, quietly observing as this passes by in front of our eyes, as if we were watching a movie.
Maybe we feel like crying, or feel disgusted, but we accept the plot of this movie, as this will show us what we have not understood yet. This acceptance allows us to get in touch with a part of us that until now was considered as a menace to keep under control. Now that we allowed the light to get inside of us, we can feel tenderness and forgiveness. And most of all we can feel that sense of belonging, that we have never felt in anybody's arms.
In the link here under you can check which one of your planets are in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius, for this call is for you:
Have a nice Moon and pls come back in the next days for the Moon in Sagittarius! 
Stefania Ashtalan

lunedì 9 settembre 2013


A new astrological week has just begun! The Moon is Crescent and in Libra, where It radiates a feeling of delicacy, of being undertoned, of research for Beauty in Life. This is a calm Moon, even if It creates a strong aspect full of tensions with Uranus retrograde in Aries and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (do you remember? like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but not being able to come out yet?). This is how the Cross of Cardinal Signs is stopping Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (also those natives with Rising Sign, Moon, Venus, Mars in these signs - to verify your planet positions pls check here:
The feeling has not changed from last week, maybe it is even stronger, as we feel we really almost there, after all these difficult months. Yet it was a wonderful time to travel inside of us, getting to know infinite dimensions and beyond. From this point of view, we can difficulties in a much easier way. When life stops us from moving outside, it wants to teach us to move inside, as this is the best way to root all the changes we are all going thru. Please be patient for another while, because time to start has almost come! 
Finally, between today and Tuesday 10, the Moon moves into Scorpio, reaching Saturn. We get more energy, we feel more determined in fighting for our goals, even if we want to look for silence, only meeting people we really love. We need to be with brothers and sisters who share our path, because this is the real nourishment for our Soul!
Until Wednesday 11 the Moon is staying in Scorpio. Taurus, Leo and Aquarius will not feel so much at ease. They will all have to face the truth of the way they are walking on. This is the chance to take the challenge to face the Unknown, as this always hides the most wonderful treasures. Just take the courage to leave your little mind for a very short time, to get a glimpse of what is lying outside your window and see if it is worth!
On Wednesday 10, Mercury enters Libra, yet its intectual influence helps us to regain a certain control.
Then, on Thurday 12 Moon enters Sagittarius and Venus Scorpio. As you can see, this week is full of different nuances, no sign remains untouched. Everyone will have to deal with new "guests", on a phisycal and emotional level. But as I always say, let us open to novelty and surprises.
Moon in Sagittarius is making Virgo and Pisces freak. It is a chaotic Moon, but in a positive sense. It brings Sagittarius a lot of chances to finally reach for long held back goals.
Virgo is already suffering for the long opposition to Neptune. This would be good to learn how to radically change its way of being, like integrating a softer aspect in itself, less crytical and pragmatic. It would be like the flourishing of an unknown and wide universe, where to use Virgo's innate sense of order with harmony. This is possible only if Virgo decides to stop fighting against obstacles, seeing them like signs to change track.
Pisces get nervous because Sagittarius' strength forces them to abandon their contemplative way of living to mingle in everyday life, but sometimes you just have to!
Gemini, with this Moon in opposition, would better prepare a suitcase and leave their homes. This is a travelling Moon!

Venus in Scorpio (on september 12) reaches Saturn, and deep feelings are put into evidence, like the urge of finding our Twin Soul. Keep your eyes open, all of you, as this can really happen!

Finally, on Saturday 14, Moon enters Capricorn, next to Pluto, still reinforcing the Cross of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Since 2010 Pluto is pushing us to let our inner light flow free outside and the Moon is also spotting this process. Dear natives (to whom I also belong!) please use these days to close your eyes and travel within. Your inner point of view will show you the solution and this is good also for every other sign!
This week the Moon's Travel from Libra to Capricorn touches different human areas, such as relationships, to be considered like a research of harmony between two people (Libra), requiring a deep soul merging (Scorpio) to get to the Absolute, to find a new ideal of life (Sagittarius), serving as the future foundations of real life (Capricorn).
Libra and Scorpio are social signs, where Man is willing to face the other. Sagittarius and Capricorn belong to the last 4 signs and find their identity in the Absolute. Here survival has no meaning, but the development of a spiritual way of thinking taking us near God and the real sense of Self. 
Have a nice week!
Stefania Ashtalan

martedì 3 settembre 2013



The astrological week starts with the Cross of the Cardinal Signs still lingering on our heads: on one side the Dark Moon in conjunction to Jupiter and to the Waning Moon in Cancer (wish to make real what we feel to be right for us, with the relative frustration of not being able to get to the point yet), on the other side Venus in Libra (wish to be seductive, of falling in love, to be charming, lightheartedness), while in the middle there is still Uranus retrograde in Aries with its close square to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (to see the light at the end of the tunnel, still feeling trapped in a heavy situation).
No matter which is your birth sign, what this Cross produces inside of us is a sensation of being claustrofobically closed in the old situations we thought had gone. It is obvious that for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn the sensation is even stronger. It results in an endless run back and forth, searching for some relief.
Please stop, for the secret here is to sit down and concentrate on the void of your Inner Silence, to let the Storm pass by, while you create through your imagination what you would like to have in your reality. 
And calm arrives soon. On Tuesday 03, Moon passes in Leo and meets Mars. They both give us the drive to put the solution we have found inside into action .
Venus is helping us in the whole process, as it tends to show us only the beauty of Life and it opens the door to creativity.
On Thursday 05, the New Moon in Virgo erases every tension, as it brings us back to rationality through its conjunction to the Sun and Mercury. Our mind is now sharp and accurate. We can see the obstacles taking us apart from our target very clearly (opposition of Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces): the difficulty of unifying Heart and Mind.
When this opposed polarities join together, we can have the chance of feeling gifted by God with clarity and determination. We can take the right decisions, given by the intuitions of our Heart, while the Mind starts doing its job to make these decisions reality. At this point Life starts following us and sends us any necessary support.
Now, the axis formed by New Moon-Sun-Mercury in Virgo / Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces is a grand way leading us to the Unity of Heart and Mind. Before falling asleep, connect yourselves to Earth and Heaven and visualize yourselves at the Center of bright road. On one side there is your Mind (Virgo), on the other your Heart (Pisces). Call on to these Light Poles, to receive their light inside of you. You then become a container for these opposed forces, point of unity and integration. Repeat this visualization also on Friday, if you wish.
Then on Saturday 07 the Moon passes on to Libra, where there is Venus as well, even if their conjuction is not so close (Moon at the first degrees, Venus in at 25°). In any case, both celestial bodies represent the Feminine Universe and will transform the newly acquired integration into a new sensitivity. 
The Moon's journey during this week, from Cancer to Libra, is related to the human archetypal path from our roots, family, home to social life. Individual ego, like a flower due to bloom, is slowly opening, as if teased by its curiosity to see what lies beyond (Cancer). It uses all its potentials to emerge (Leo), then it tries to understand the Golden Rules of Life (Virgo) in order to create any kind of relation, above all an intimate relation with someone similar (Libra).
At last, but not least!, the trine of Water Sign is still keeping its position (Jupiter and the Dark Moon in Cancer - Saturn in Scorpio - Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces). Our world of emotions is under the spots. This aspect is there to teach us how to manage our emotions, as they create, together with the thoughts they produce, our own reality. I wrote about that in Italian - but there is a good translation service! -
Have a nice week all of you!
Stefania Ashtalan

domenica 25 agosto 2013



The astrological week opens up with the passage of the Moon from Aries to Taurus and the Great Sextile of the Portal of Peace, details of which can read in
Moon in Taurus is wonderfully sensual, a pure breeze of hot air, charming and groovy. It is offering us an intense emotional background, in order to face the heavy transformative energies of the Cross of Cardinal Signs: Uranus in Aries allows us to see a radiant future but it seems to be too far away and we feel frustrated; Jupiter in Cancer in conjuction to the Dark Moon until next spring makes us intollerant and restless, as we can never find the right place to stay; Venus in Libra is trying to soothe us, allowing us to take a break through her lightheartedness, but soon Pluto in Capricorn is behind her back, and works like a drill because he wants us to get to our inner Light.
Before smashing our head against the wall for the big input amount we are receiving, let us take a deep breath and get inside the Great Goddess' warm embrace, in order to release tensions and to use inner obstacles as a stairway to heaven, which is like descending into the dephts of our Soul. Moon in Taurus can help us by her rhythmic dance to give a big start to New Energy in our lives. Using our body, we could win any frustration or tension, as we will feel strong and firm within ourselves.
On Wednesday 28, Moon passes on to Gemini and then on Saturday 31 it passes on to Cancer. This is an intimate journey through the first four Zodiac signs, related to our Body, Sense of Self, our Childhood, our Roots and our Origins.
This are this week's issues, that we are going to be dealing with, each of us in our own way, at our pace, and in the free choice of conscious beings.
Those who belong to Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will obviously have a great chance to go deep within their own roots, using love and forgiveness to release an important issue that needs to be healed.
Taurus and Scorpio will be able to travel very easily along their days, feeling themselves acknowledged and appreciated for what they really are, while Leo and Aquarius will make some resistance, as they will feel forced in shaking a few beliefs that need to be renewed. 
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are all under the influence of the conjuction of Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces. This aspect creates a foggy sensation around their mind on the one hand, and on the other, it shows them how big the illusion was that they were living. It will take them some courage to face this trail towards Truth, but this is the chance for a complete awakening, each of themin their own way, at their own pace.
Have a wonderful!
Stefania Ashtalan 

sabato 24 agosto 2013


Tomorrow, August 25 on 11.11 pm Italian time, the second Great Sextile is going to open up, following the first that took place on July 29 (
The Arcturians had already informed us about this great opportunity through Suzanne Caroll ( - The Open Corridor) and now on the web there is a very interesting video talking about this event: I suggest you to watch it, as it gives instructions how to best use the wonderful energies flowing on Earth to bring peace in the devasted areas of Syria and Egypt. 
On an astrological level, what happens is the return of this great sextile of Water planets (Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces - we can understand what we really want) and of Earth planets (Moon in Taurus, Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn - we can perceive our exact place in life), like back on July 29. Water and Earth are two elements that represent the sweet Feminine Energy of the Great Goddess, who is now asking each and everyone to invoke her with a collective meditation at 11.11 Italian time, to bring peace on our planet.
By visualizing the Goddess entering into us, giving us her gifts of Love and Peace, we can then direct those rays towards the needing areas of Earth, to heal our planets and ourselves.
This time the sextile is even more powerful than in July, as it is supported and reinforced by the Cross of the Cardinal Signs, formed by Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn (strong energies are trying to shake us to invite us to look for what we really love in life). This means that tomorrow our sky will be inhabited by two trines and one cross in their middle. What an explosion of energy! 

On an individual level, every sign is called in, so let us get ready to listen close, as we will be filled with intuitions and illuminatios. If you can and wish, try to stay home in your own silence, priviledge calm attivities, meditate, of course, listen to ecstatic music. You will surely receive great gifts and the certainty of being in a place you have been longing for, the higher dimension of your heart.
Embrace the Great Goddess and you will find a new being smiling at you from the mirror.
Stefania Ashtalan

venerdì 23 agosto 2013


Last night at 01.03 Italian time the Sun entered Virgo, sixth Zodiac sign, the medium point of the whole Wheel, a passage leading us from the path of the self-delevopment into an important step: the outer world, the Others, that the self will meet during the sign of Libra.
Virgo is often associated with the search for pureness and order, because it serves as a container for all the processes of individual growth made by the previous signs:
Aries gave birth to a fresh and sparkling self
Taurus rooted it in a cosy environment 
Gemini developped its intellectual qualities 
Cancer created a relation with its origins
Leo decreed its self-definition.
Now Virgo has the task of collecting every level of awareness that Man has so far reached, dividing them into an accurate order based on its innate sense of hierarchy. We can thus use them, to go on successfully to the next step.
To make a good job, Virgo has many virtues on its side: practical sense, discernment, intuition, sense of duty and determination. These are all necessary tools to complete the hard task to prepare Man for meeting the Other, in order to be ready for a respectful relationship. And this is the first step for a further integration of the individual inside a community.
In our body, all these qualities are placed inside our intestines, starting from the duodenum area, the phisical area where choices are made and discernment fixes itself into our organs.
Possible health issues such as digestion problems or a bad food absortion are always a mark of an unbalance caused by a lack of order or pureness in our lives, or a strong attachment to these virtues, that become obstacles for a positive way of living.    
Today the Cross of Mobile Signs is actived, involving Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Key words here are change, movement, shift. Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel involved in this in different ways: Gemini and Sagittarius will have the chance to be more constructive and concentrated, while Pisces will be able to integrate their shadow, that is, not to refuse an obstacle, but take it into consideration and live it as an opportunity.
As for the other signs, when August ends with Virgo and its gifts, Aries feels encaged, Taurus reassured, Cancer embraced, Leo challenged, Libra starts waiting, Scorpion pays attention, Capricorn is joyous, Aquarius gets anxious.
Last point: in this right moment Virgo is facing the opposition of Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces. This conjunction represents the merging of an individual in the ONE, a frightening event for a Virgo, who wants to distinguish, divide and label. Look at it as a chance to pass over the strict limits of your mind, if you wish to do so.

Stefania Ashtalan

mercoledì 21 agosto 2013


Just a few words about today's Full Moon (August 21 2013) to show you all its important implications.
August Full Moon takes place in Aquarius, obviously creating opposition to the Sun in Leo. The interesting thing is that these two astral bodies give birth to a dialogue, which is an important comparison between anticonformism (Moon in Aquarius) and pure formalism (Sun in Leo), between breaking the rules living out of the box on one side, and on the opposite, following faithfully known patterns and respecting traditions.
First of all, this dialogue gets wider, as Venus is involved in it as well. This planet is now in Libra, being thus seductive and free, sweet like a summer breeze smelling of peach. Now Venus helps the Moon in enhancing the feeling of leaving daily life behind to seek for adventure. Aquarius and Libra both belong to Air Signs, very strong dreamers of what is beyond. In this case, the Moon and Venus create an aspect that pushes us to look for a new kind of relationship, a freer way to stay together, a more respectful kind of couple, opened but with a strong complicity.
Both the Moon and Venus represent the Feminine Forces, in opposition to the Sun, the very Masculine Force, that has Mercury (in Leo) as a companion, symbolyzing the mental stiffness of those who do not want to lose their positions.
The most involved signs in these passages will obviously be Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, on one side, that will start to shimmer and shake, and Leo, on the other side. Aries and Sagittarius, other Fire Signs like Leo, even if involved, can face a challenge very eagerly, for they feel alive when they find themselves in such a erratic situation. Yet, Aries is trying to catch the right pace, hosting Uranus for a while. This is the most difficult time for Aries, for these natives feel like shaking the world but are not able to do it yet. They should wait until the end of the year, dedicating some time to make the right decisions.
Going back to Leo and the dialogue inside a couple, this multiple planetary aspect wants to teach these natives (and obviously to  all of us) that New Energy came in when the Old one was almost gone. Sticking to what we know, to false certainties does not pay you back any longer. It is necessary to make a step forward and to use Heart and Generosity (Leo's strong aspects) to embrace a New Vision brought about by the Moon. This Vision is a relation based on personal freedom, wholly and fully respecting the other, wholly and fully accepting the person in front of us, for you become aware that he/she is a mirror of ourselves. 
This is also true for Scorpio and Taurus, that have been through a slow process of deep transformation for a while. They are also very involved by the Aquarius Moon, as they are part of the Fixed Signs' Cross (together with Aquarius and Leo). It is correct and natural to flow with this cosmic moment into the Unknown, even if it is hard. One little step at a time, with your own pace.
Regarding Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces, that have not been mentioned yet, they are already very busy with their present planetary hosts.
Cancer - Jupiter, Mars and Dark Moon - you really feel uneasy, as you wish to go out from your own personal tunnel to see the light at last - do not despair, everything counts: your queasiness will put you on the right track for the solution, that will be handed over to you on a silver platter next spring;
Virgo - Neptune's and Chiron's opposition in Pisces is hard to bear, as it blurs your mind. Yet this is the service! You can now have some rest, logging out from that unstoppable computer that your mind is;
Capricorn - Pluto in your sign, square to Uranus in Aries, Cancer's planetary group in opposition and now even Venus square in Libra - they all create a wonderful geometric pattern. This is a matrix you can try to match to in order to take the best in you out in the world; 
Pisces - the world is now revealing itself to your eyes - by the end of 2013 everything will be completely clear. In the meantime, you are watching other humans running around, busy to find their own inner balance. You observe them from above, thinking they are all crazy.
Stefania Ashtalan

domenica 18 agosto 2013



During this week the Sun will enter the Virgo, giving the right measure to all the summer excesses that light and heat had stimulated. We will feel pushed towards insight and self-contemplation and this feeling will be supported by the path of the Moon, perfectly in line with the cosmic moment.
Today and tomorrow, (August 18/19) the Moon is in Capricorn - thus inspiring us with the need for silence, to find a sense, an objective, to make an idea real. The spirit of the Moon in Capricorn starts from a very high point of view: it inspires decisiveness and determination, concentration and earnestness. No more nuances, only well defined ways.
On 20th and 21st the Moon is in Aquarius, where, on 21st 03:45 a.m. (Italian time), it becomes Full. The Moon in Aquarius takes up the push from Capricorn to reach for a goal and it transforms it in a future ideal for a wonderful life, where everybody feels better. The opposition that the Moon is going to build to the Sun, on August 21st, will allow us to face this challenge: what does  our ego need to feel good and which are the requests from our beloved? To answer this question we should release selfishness to step towards others. This is good for them, surely, but it will be great for us! 
On 22nd the Moon enters Pisces. In case we have made a good job by opening ourselves to our own and others' good,  we can now enjoy the results, feeling our Heart open up, and this chance is there until the day after.
Then, on 24th, the Moon passes on to Aries. This is a new Moon cycle through the Zodiac. We started this week with determination, which allowed us to discover what is really important for ourselves and for those we love and love us. We shared this feeling, that, like a flower, opened up in the fourth chakra (Heart Chakra). Our whole being can then resonate to the gentle touch of Beauty in Life. Now, the sparkling energy of Aries allows us to fully live as light as wind. 

In the meantime, the strong tensions in Cancer are loosening. Family relations, desires of feeling part of a whole, lose their obsessive aspects that haunted us lately, even if they leave us with a sense of melancholy. Remember that these feelings are necessary to shake those who tend to resist an uneasy situation just to feel accepted. But you, your dream, the you you deeply are, where are you? It is possible to answer this question only shaking those suffocating situations at the foundations (Jupiter/Black Moon in Cancer square to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn). Be immensely grateful to these planets, as they give you the chance to get out of that door to find a perfect sense for you, stemming from you, as a result of your own efforts, of which you can be grateful only to yourselves.
Today (August 18) Venus enters Libra, thus sweetening possible tensions with a note of an airy desire for fun.
Mercury passes on to Virgo on 24th, where it is governor. The week ends with a touch of aplomb, now particularly necessary, considering the emotional peaks we suffered in these last days.  
Have a wonderful week!
Stefania Ashtalan

mercoledì 14 agosto 2013


Dear Friends,
this is the last Group of Zodiac signs which I wrote astrological summer forecast for. My point of view about forecasts is that we need to know the planet movements not to know our future, which does not exist, but to take advantages of all the chances they open up for us.
Mobile Signs are those taking place at the end of a season. In this period of the year there are a lot of changes in weather, reflecting a very unsteady nature in the natives.
These people need to get rid of the old to step into something new, new adventures in the unknown. They feel they have to stay away from boredom. They welcome anything new in their life, just until the novelty becomes habit. Then they have to start all over again, a new exploration must begin, there is always something new or someone else to know.
GEMINI - Strength is on your side. You have the drive to face an introspective journey inside yourselves, which could be a hard thing to do, considering your airy nature. You would rather chase for novelties anywhere instead of piercing the unconscious. Yet sometimes it is necessary to stop, to allow all the new things you have found to root inside of you, so that they can get to be your reality. Otherwise they risk to transform into air. The greatest change you have to face now takes place within you. You are asked to sit down, take a look at your life and to intensely investigate all the reasons that made you who you are today, no matter what this means. This is important to teach your speedy mind to slow down and use all the brilliant ideas you always have. It is necessary to let new aspects arise from within you: compassion  and empathy. You are asked to develop the Heart path, in order to complete your personal mental hologram. In this way your Whole being will be incredibly enriched. When heart and mind come to a mutual comunication, oppositions and separation are cancelled, the world is a Whole being and you are a part of everything and everyone. Every Air Sign (of which you are part) has a specific task in this New Era, the creation of thoughts of Love, so intense to have the strength to become real (Air Signs are linked to the energy of thinking).  Thoughts create our environment and our relations, and if you are able to nourish your Mind with your Heart desires, you can thus become a perfect  (in a human sense, of course!) co-creator of New Earth. Do not be afraid of investigating within you. You could start by writing down what you feel and perceive, as this is a thing you love to do. Do not be scared of feeling moved, as emotions are decrystallized in this process, to allow you to shine. And do not even think of getting bored, as inner view is in constant transformation!
VIRGO - Your Whole world is changing. You, the strongest humans in control of the Zodiac (you have the gift to take order out of the cosmic chaos!), cannot get used to all the processes of transformation that your life is  going through now. Please learn to think that chaos does not exist; it is only the flowing of cosmic energies holding a given pattern, aimed at the Supreme Good. You cannot claim that everything gets in place according to your will, if this does not stem for your Heart desires. You need to stop, to let the hold go, through which your whole body got stiff in the long run, in order to open up to this wonderful Light. This Light needs to be completed by Logic, that your sheer mind holds in quantity. Your repeated question now is: how could I get here? and now, where will I go? Hard times started from within the couple, where your partner did not match to your requests any longer. If you stuck to your rigid bevahiour, instead of wondering why that was happening, getting apart could have been a natural consequence. At this point, you have the time for a honest analysis in front of the mirror. This is what is going to save you. Reset requests, breath deeply, enter your womb (that is, draw your attention to your body, to its symptoms, to its calls) and from there let the Mystic Virgo arise, the great Feminine that is able to give everything the right place, to create a new Cosmic Order of divine perfection. In this stage, order does not come from logical thinking, but from flowing with your Heart desires. The Mystic Virgo has direct access to your Heart, as she holds the Product of Awaken Humanity's work in her hand. The world is floating towards the return of the great goddess and you, men and women, can be the first to bring this sweet vibration in your life and thus to others. Be ready to leave for this journey. Maybe you cannot even guess where you will get at or what you will find on your way, but this is the surprise! Let yourselves be softly embraced by the cosmic flowing energies, your body needs it.
SAGITTARIUS - You can take a great advantage from the introspective journey you started this summer. As you can travel all over the surface of our world, you can also travel in the depth of your soul, to discover new paths of self-knowledge that you can share with others like a know-how for life. It is important to start with the right drive, which is what helps you to realize an old dream you forgot on a shelf , due to your  habit to spread your energies all over. You need to focus towards an aim, you need determination to get there, without hurry, with the right pace, because, as White Bull says "God is never late, but not even early". There are things from your past you need to reconsider, even if it hurts. Instead of always looking at tomorrow, at the next best thing, this trip is going to take you back to discover ancient mysteries holding the key of who you are today. If you feel encaged or restless, it is necessary to discover the very reason why, so then you can step to something else. This is the great gift. The new awareness will lead you halfway on your complete personal evolution. This means that finding the keys of what still takes you back will mark the beginning of a new journey, starting next year, when Jupiter will enter Leo, a Fire Sign, as you are. Until then fear nothing and investigate. There are so many treasures to discover, hidden under layers of rage. You can thus enter the Great Cave, where the exhausted Warrior can rest from fatigue and can be cured of the possible injuries he collected along the way. This is a chance to heal everything you feel not alligned in you. It is a Golden Moment. You, among the Zodiac Signs, hold the Ancient Knowledge and can thus have access to a new Divine Philosophy, finding God within yourselves. Those who will look into your eyes will see this light and get a great advantage from your vibration. You can see the Infinite, please share it with us!
PISCES - your key word now is falling-in-love, as this cosmic moment holds something special for you, who  costantly live searching for this vibration that opens up your heart and make your dreams come true. Now you are feeling not free to go wherever you would like, as if synchronicity would take you towards something you do not understand and cannot therefore accept. Do not make any resistance and follow the signs. Trust them. The world needs dreamers and being in love is the best situation for daydreaming.  When you are in love, you feel everything is possible. You accept no limit and no boundaries. This is what is asked from you, that your state of dreamer becomes a permanent state of being. You can thus produce a magical vibration in you, that would change reality. This means to expand your own state of consciousness. And if, while you dream, you realize you cannot match with your life any longer, you can start to slowly change it, with your own pace, at your choice. The best thing to do to find peace of mind is living according to what brings you joy. Start looking at your life from this perspective, as you will then be able to step out the dark tunnel you have been walking through because you thought that feeling good was selfish and only self-sacrifice could give you dignity. You are not asked to leave your job or your family, but to resonate with a state of being far from the masks you used to wear to hide your sensitivity and frailty. You are free to do this at your own pace. Learn to observe when and how you "wear" your different behaviours during the day and try, at least for 5 minutes in the beginning, to live authentically. Observe what comes up from within you when you are in that condition of sticking to your own inner truth. Do you like it? Do you feel unease? It is like a training. You can make many exercises in this sense. Important is you can reach the mermaid hidden deep inside your heart, holding the best part of you in herself, the erratic and changeable and dreamy nature of reality, where you can relax. The World needs dreamers, John Lennon used to sing this all the time.

Stefania Ashtalan

lunedì 22 luglio 2013



This is the second part of the Summer Astro-Forecast. The first one was dedicated to Cardinal Signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Now I will explain forecasts for the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).
First of all these Signs are called Fixed because during the time of the year when they take place there are no climatic changes. Solar energy fixes its light and the environment remains the same. This is the right vibration to allow the previous signs' operations to develop. 
Due to this steadiness, the typical chararect of a Fixed Sign is alien to changes, as they find their gift staying where they are. But Life in itself is erratic and evolutionary and it modifies everything in its course. Therefore also Fixed Signs should learn how to let themselves go in the flow, without resistence, without holding on too strong to what they already know.
Now there is a Great Trine in the sky - Jupiter in Cancer (love issues) touches Saturn in Scorpio (deepest desires) which in its turn touches Neptune and Kyron in Pisces (spiritual mission in life). This gives a very high vibration to every aspect of our life, asking each of us to talk our deepest Truth and to get rid of unhealthy and heavy situations.
Let us see what this Trine is asking our friends from the Fixed Signs:
TAURUS - everything is slipping away around you. Reality is changing bit by bit and the only thing you can do is to witness this important event in your life. It feels like everything is happening despite of yourselves. Just until yesterday life was a long calm river and now you find your house is flooded. Yet, after a first moment of dizziness, you have the chance to take out the warrior in you, to make things clear once for all. All that Fire inside of you, that you normally show with great difficulty, is now coming out like an awoken volcano. Now you can say what you have always concealed in order not to hurt somebody else's feelings. Please do not stop, as the effect will be cathartic and extremely positive. Later, if you wish, you can even pack your things and go. But this is going to take place only when you will be able to overcome all the bitter feelings collected during a long and silent relationship (love or business or family relation): by forgiving and being forgiven for what was done to you or for what you did that was wrong. So you will empty your karma-bag. From that moment on Dharma (positive karma) will get activated in your life, bringing goods things to build your new life upon. Yet leaving is possible only when you feel that your old mission is over. You did yourselves good by staying where you were. You will rewarded by Life for this, as you will be able to become self-sufficient. You will be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: another life and another part of you are waiting to be experienced. 
LEO - this Planetary Trine is activating a process of focusing on what you wanted for you in your life at any cost, even if this created a lot of tensions inside of you. You were holding to that situation to meet your responsabilities, as you felt you had a role to live, and sometimes you lived in such a hurry and took no time for acknowledging your real heart desires. You preferred to hide yourselves in oblivion, as finding solutions was too difficult and costed too much. But now the Golden Door is opening for you, as well, through which you can look at your forgotten dreams to make them real. Just decide when and how. To do this marvellous favor to yourselves, first of all try to understand what peace and happiness mean to you. If you feel there is something in your past that takes you away from inner peace, please consider that it would be time to face it once for all. Take the courage, even if it could be painful. It is a necessary step towards the end of an existence where you do not belong anymore. Everything stems from here, from your Core where your real identity is, but is now hidden under layers of self-oblivion. If you wish, you will be able to close that door with serenity, knowing you did anything you were asked for. This is your gift from the Christ consciousness that is now incarnating through the planetary rays touching now our Galaxy, our Planet. You will awake with a different state of mind. You will awake and realize that you started to build a base for Man's Golden Heart, which is the task given to every evolved Leo.
SCORPIO - Saturn has been travelling in your Sign since October 2012 and its action is transforming you relentlessly. What this planet does is to refine things, it cuts dead branches, allowing the growth of a beautiful rosebush. Therefore you have been feeling as you were forced to pay attention to its effects in your life, starting to make big changes. If, on the contrary, you are not used to study the Sky to know which rays are hitting Earth, you could have suffered from various turmoils, more or less serious, where you felt yourselves as a victim of Fate. In any case, the main task developped by this transit is to teach you how to become a conscious co-creator of the New Energy. This is a condition that will enable you to find anything you feel to mean joy, happiness and serenity for you. This is a wonderful moment of transformative catharsis. Take a look around: the world has many gifts for you, open up your eyes! Do not be afraid to let old things go, to let go the old you. This is the time to go deep within yourselves to acknowledge new and positive emotions that could create a new environment around you that is a reflection of the good things you have inside. There is a great target waiting for you, learning how to feel a whole inside and this whole cannot be changed or modified if you do not want to. From this point of feeling you will be able to build up your future, believing you deserve anything beautiful life can offer you. Being a Fixed Sign, you are able to crystallize the celestial energy to transform it into your reality. The present Trine can help you, if you ask for help. You can become a container for the planetary rays and create a bridge between Heart and Mind. Then you can emanate positive thoughts to bring Heaven Reality on Earth. It looks like a very difficult task, but yor are perfectly able to do it.
AQUARIUS - Water Signs' Trine is taking you to a very emotional vibration and you do not like it.
It yet starts with a beautiful Moon in your sign, as if to create a bridge between your erratic mind and the calm lake of your heart, too long forgotten. And this is the point. It is necessary for you to acknowledge that, even it it is wonderful to fly on the Golden wings of creative thinking, this needs the right fuel. Flying high should also mean going deep within. Now this is the moment. Pass that bridge, step through it and bathe in the calm and warm water of your heart. Maybe you are finding yourselves in a situation that seems to belong to your past, from which you flew away because it was too painful. You looked for freedom, but what you found was not freedom from deep within. If you leave you find no freedom. So now you can face these events with honour. You know now that these events are here for you to help you to get rid of invisible chains that anchored you to your past. If you felt queasiness in these last times it was because of the invisible prisoner you felt you were. Please know that you can free yourselves by getting in touch with the emotion that caused you to run away. Use you will and that will be enough. Everything will happen by itself, because Universe will hand the right instruments over to you to operate a definite cut. Your great gift is intuition, through which you connect to Higher Realms. Use your intuition to give the world Visions of a New Earth, of which you are spokespeople. Do not deprive us of your talent: a very refined psychic sensitivity, beyond the perceptions of a common human mind. If your sensitivity is nourished by Heart's Flows, you will become wonderful Human Beings!
Very soon I will post the third part for the Summer Forecast for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
Stefania Ashtalan 

lunedì 1 luglio 2013


Dear friends and readers,

these are very peculiar times from an astrological point of view. Planets are moving in Water Signs, giving us a great hint to make a deep analysis of our emotional world.

This means that the Big Cosmic Lens enhances the importance of our relations, family relations, marriage, etc.

Jupiter, the Magnus, has entered Cancer (family life – how satisfactory it is now? How can we get the best out of it?) , meeting the Sun, Mercury retrograde (words we have never had the courage to speak before) and Liltih (all the rage stemming from an ignored request of love) . They form  a magic Triangle of Love with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio (desire to respect our own truth) and Neptune and Chyron retrograde in Pisces (return of Christ consciousness). So celestial hints are strong. Try to use them as best as you can.


Let us now see how every Zodiac sign can capture these energies and what good it comes for everyone.

This analysis starts with Cardinal Signs (so called because  they are the door for a new season – from the Latin, where cardinal means hinge) - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – as they are deeply involved in this change brought about by the Planets’ rays:

ARIES – you feel a big pressure, as unconscious issues are pushing to be expressed. You are very impulsive and irrational, sometimes you tend to react rather than to ponder, getting stuck in a chain-mechanism without end. Now a voice is coming out from deep within, to be heard. This is a voice coming from far away, begging you to be listened to, before expressing it. It is rage, hiding a deep wound of injustice you received a long time ago, maybe in a past lifetime. As we are stepping into the New Energy, we are now asked to heal past wounds, letting them go lovingly along our pathway. This is the moment. What you can do is listening to that voice, embracing its discomfort, if this emerges, without seeking for an immediate solution. The secret is to learn to remain in this discomforting feeling, because it is the only way to get to its origin. Then you can let it go. Forever. So please stop fighting. Allow yourselves to be a cane bent by the wind, bend yourselves in front of this emotional wave. It comes from the past, as it apparently does not belong to your everyday life. Yet this wound got you to make forced choices, just to sooth the unease stemming from a lack of love. This is the time to learn to love yourselves. First of all, to love ourselves means to listen to what comes out from deep within, from that unknown core holding a potential of anything we could be. If you want to change your life, if this is what you wish for yourselves, you can start from here.

This new aspect  (Trine – see above) opens a gateway for you, leading to the acknowledgement of  your real Essence. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn take also part in the Planetary dance: they represent the destruction of old systems, from which each one can start all over again.

The door is now open. It is up to you to decide if you want to step into the Secret Garden of Wonders.


CANCER – for you, the above mentioned Trine starts with a cry, and with a wonderful gesture of self-assertiveness, to get rid of anything that has always been restrictive, both inside and outside of you. Time to clean up, to take into exam where you got at, who you have become. Do you like  who you are today? What is still missing to complete the image you have in your heart, regarding yourselves? What is still keeping you apart from it? Now you have the drive to make a vast operation of sorting out, as you do not want to experience disharmony in your life any longer. Life as a couple is now the actual battle field. Maybe you have the feeling your partner has deeply changed, becoming a stranger to your eyes. Yet, I want you to acknowledge that everything is generated inside of us and the outer world is only a reflection of our inner reality. What is the partner asking of you? Authenticity! Even if it is hard, even if it means fighting and yelling, your partner is asking that you respect yourselves and your limits, that you are so good in building up. This is the way. Be true to yourselves! First of all, you need to make a self-analysis, as honest as possible. Rage can show you the path. This emotion, that you so often hold inside for a quiet living, keeping it in your stomach, where it becomes fire, should be a container for your new Self. In this way, rage gets to be functional and you do not suffer from it anymore. With time, you will learn how to work it out, but in the meantime, use it to define yourselves and building up a new shell, which reflects your being and your feelings as truly as possible. This means holding on to your own Truth. This is the opportunity coming out from these important planetary transits where every slow planet is involved. Slow planets rule the unconscious – its issues are thus illuminated to be seen and accepted, at your pace, according to your wish. But it is a really big chance. Step on it and let yourselves go with the Flow of the Galactic Water, taking you to your own Core. Have a good trip!


LIBRA – your sign, among these Cardinals, is the only one without any planet in it. Nevertheless, the effect of the aspects you receive is very disruptive for your delicate emotional balance. You have been feeling the necessity for changes in your daily life for quite a while, thanks to the continuous and uninterrupted action of Uranus in Aries (strong intuitions and sudden understanding of the most unconscious mechanisms) and Pluto in Capricorn (determination and tenacity in learning how to manage the mind. In this way your mind can find a more restricted dimension in the wholeness of your being, making room for new feelings of self-love to be embraced). From this perspective you could reach an accurate self-definition, which a very important stage in your life, as you have this huge empathy for others. But is not over yet. There is still something to be refined, a very important area in your life to take care of, to observe, to forgive and to let go: the motherly side, your original root. A root is an invisible section that anchors us here. You, as an Air Sign, are often lost in pondering and thinking, and could not take your root in the right consideration until now, as you are frightened by anything that goes deep within. Uranus’ and Pluto’s actions did you good because they operate in your psyche, in your Mental Body. But Jupiter in Cancer puts you right there in your Emotional Body. What can you do to face this unknown territory? First of all, as you wish to take into exam your mother, you should observe how you live your feminine side (men have a strong sensitive part into them, it is time for them to express it shamelessly). How is your inner child feeling? Did you ever learn to listen to it? This is what is expecting you until next year (because these aspects last for so long). A growing and healthy relationship with your inner child, ripening of your inner feminine side, including integration and letting go of your motherly reference,  until you can reach a condition of harmonic expression of the Great Goddess. You will become the first representatives of Earth’s New Energy. As you come from Venus and are love messengers, who else can be a flag-bearer for the Great Breed of Queens, destined to reign among us in a next future? You already are on your path, be willing to get in touch with your fragility, with no fear of dying (you do not die out of fragility). You can thus find what is hiding inside the Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz – your big Heart!


CAPRICORN - in December  2008 a deep and constant transformation process started: Pluto, Master of psyche and of the Third Eye (the all-seeing eye, in your sixth chakra, in the midst of your forefront), entered your sign. This was a necessary step, as you are a sign connected to the Rebirth of Light (Winter Solstice, celebration of the Sun, takes place in Capricorn). You are the Mountain in the Zodiac, because you only see goals that can be reached through hardship, dedication and tenacity; you love to keep everything jealously hidden inside. Pluto is taking forth a strong refinement inside of you, to make this jealously hidden Light sparkle out towards the world. Light is changing vibration under the New Energy and you are Its guardians: you are changing at the same pace as Light does. Libra is the Goddess’ flag-bearer, you are New Energy’s torch-bearers.

This refinement operation got more intense since June 2012, when Uranus in Aries touched Pluto’s orbit in Capricorn – intuition and all-seeingness – Now you are becoming this Light yourselves. You have a very important task, in comparison with your great ability of taking responsibility on you: the task of accepting this total transformation, leading to a huge rise in the vibration of your consciousness, sharing your pathway with the world, to open up the trail to those that are to come.

Now, with Jupiter  in Cancer and the Water Signs’ Trine – in perfect harmony with your Earth element – you also can be those to see the manifestation of the Work of the Light of Love on this plan. You are not asked anything particular, just to be, in your free Essence of New Humanity. You are those who started the trip. You will be greatly rewarded for the initial fatigue and for the trust you put in Heaven. Thank you!


In the next days I will publish the second part of the summer forecast with Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)

 Stefania Ashtalan