giovedì 12 settembre 2013


Let us take a look at this wonderful Crescent Moon in Scorpio:
first of all, Scorpio is a Water Sign, that is the emotional world. These kind of emotions stem from a deep need of being part an undivisible unity, when two souls become one. It is an absolute call for belonging, it is the birth of a microscopic circle formed by two beings living for each other and within each other.
The Moon represents our intimate part, no matter what gender we live in. When it travels in this sign, it lights up this process that fills us up with strong emotions.
We feel the boundaries of simply surviving, we want to go deep into love and belonging with all of ourselves. Scorpio wants it all or nothing.
This sign is ruled by Pluto, representing the unconscious, thus the emotions coming to the surface in these past few days cannot be controlled as they are unknown. We feel so restless that only our lover's warm embrace can soothe us.
Let us now consider a deeper sense in this planetary aspect, for it underlines how necessary it is to integrate our dark side, that is, inner emotions we did not want to deal with up to now. We are not asked to open up the door on a sorrowful past, but to open up our heart to everything we feel it is coming up, quietly observing as this passes by in front of our eyes, as if we were watching a movie.
Maybe we feel like crying, or feel disgusted, but we accept the plot of this movie, as this will show us what we have not understood yet. This acceptance allows us to get in touch with a part of us that until now was considered as a menace to keep under control. Now that we allowed the light to get inside of us, we can feel tenderness and forgiveness. And most of all we can feel that sense of belonging, that we have never felt in anybody's arms.
In the link here under you can check which one of your planets are in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius, for this call is for you:
Have a nice Moon and pls come back in the next days for the Moon in Sagittarius! 
Stefania Ashtalan

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