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The astrological week starts with the Cross of the Cardinal Signs still lingering on our heads: on one side the Dark Moon in conjunction to Jupiter and to the Waning Moon in Cancer (wish to make real what we feel to be right for us, with the relative frustration of not being able to get to the point yet), on the other side Venus in Libra (wish to be seductive, of falling in love, to be charming, lightheartedness), while in the middle there is still Uranus retrograde in Aries with its close square to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (to see the light at the end of the tunnel, still feeling trapped in a heavy situation).
No matter which is your birth sign, what this Cross produces inside of us is a sensation of being claustrofobically closed in the old situations we thought had gone. It is obvious that for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn the sensation is even stronger. It results in an endless run back and forth, searching for some relief.
Please stop, for the secret here is to sit down and concentrate on the void of your Inner Silence, to let the Storm pass by, while you create through your imagination what you would like to have in your reality. 
And calm arrives soon. On Tuesday 03, Moon passes in Leo and meets Mars. They both give us the drive to put the solution we have found inside into action .
Venus is helping us in the whole process, as it tends to show us only the beauty of Life and it opens the door to creativity.
On Thursday 05, the New Moon in Virgo erases every tension, as it brings us back to rationality through its conjunction to the Sun and Mercury. Our mind is now sharp and accurate. We can see the obstacles taking us apart from our target very clearly (opposition of Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces): the difficulty of unifying Heart and Mind.
When this opposed polarities join together, we can have the chance of feeling gifted by God with clarity and determination. We can take the right decisions, given by the intuitions of our Heart, while the Mind starts doing its job to make these decisions reality. At this point Life starts following us and sends us any necessary support.
Now, the axis formed by New Moon-Sun-Mercury in Virgo / Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces is a grand way leading us to the Unity of Heart and Mind. Before falling asleep, connect yourselves to Earth and Heaven and visualize yourselves at the Center of bright road. On one side there is your Mind (Virgo), on the other your Heart (Pisces). Call on to these Light Poles, to receive their light inside of you. You then become a container for these opposed forces, point of unity and integration. Repeat this visualization also on Friday, if you wish.
Then on Saturday 07 the Moon passes on to Libra, where there is Venus as well, even if their conjuction is not so close (Moon at the first degrees, Venus in at 25°). In any case, both celestial bodies represent the Feminine Universe and will transform the newly acquired integration into a new sensitivity. 
The Moon's journey during this week, from Cancer to Libra, is related to the human archetypal path from our roots, family, home to social life. Individual ego, like a flower due to bloom, is slowly opening, as if teased by its curiosity to see what lies beyond (Cancer). It uses all its potentials to emerge (Leo), then it tries to understand the Golden Rules of Life (Virgo) in order to create any kind of relation, above all an intimate relation with someone similar (Libra).
At last, but not least!, the trine of Water Sign is still keeping its position (Jupiter and the Dark Moon in Cancer - Saturn in Scorpio - Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces). Our world of emotions is under the spots. This aspect is there to teach us how to manage our emotions, as they create, together with the thoughts they produce, our own reality. I wrote about that in Italian - but there is a good translation service! -
Have a nice week all of you!
Stefania Ashtalan

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