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This astrological week opens up with Venus, the planet representing love,  newly entered in Scorpio, Water sign, sharp-minded, passionate, jelous, sensitive, absurd but wondrous eighth Zodiac sign. Venus will remain in Scorpio till October, 07.
In this realm Venus cannot express its strength at full, as it rules Taurus, in opposition to Scorpio. Venus in Taurus is a delicate, loving and caring feeling, while in Scorpio it can stick to what is usually forbidden, thus igniting the research for weird and complicated situations.
Scorpio natives may fall in love with Love itself, feeling stuck in a passion out of any control. They may feel eager to become one with those who originate their feeling of belonging. Scorpio can experience an extraordinary intensity, out of the control of the mind, being totally into the role that the Comedy of Life brings forth.
Other signs fully involved in this transit are:
Taurus, that may feel shaken to the bones, but maybe will find a way to dive into life experiences less heavily, instead of sitting to observe, while the others live.
Leo, that is running the "risk" of falling in love with someone it would not even take a little look at before. There is a strange beastly instict waking up now: the hunter is making his/her way to the prey.
Aquarius, that is concerned because he/she is feeling they cannot control their life any longer. This is clearly not possible: it is necessary to realize how important it is to enter into the Flow of the events.
Then, Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus. The planet was there just until a few days ago. Our delicate Libra will start feeling a strange restlessness, and it may want to escape towards unknown adventures.
For all the other signs and for our earthly collective consciousness, Venus in Scorpio represents a drive to look at the deep emotional side of life. We are no longer satisfied living in the surface: love affairs, friendship, our job, we want to feel we really belong there, or it is very hard to go on.
This is a chance to investigate our soul to understand who we are and what we really need to feel good. Venus, that represents  at a symbolic level our Heart and all the relative issues, transiting in Scorpio, the power of Spiritual Transmutation, is taking us by the hand leading us along a more and more accurate path of self-definition, where we finally feel we have found an inner dimension we can call HOME.
Furthermore, Venus in Scorpio is forming a conjunction to Saturn. As Saturn in Scorpio has a great power to make our dreams come true, Venus is adding her sweet perfume of charm to this creative ability by surrounding us with its light of pure magic. This is particularly true for Capricorn and Aries, usually two pragmatic and logical signs. They will start seeing new landscapes, that could not be taken into consideration until now, as they have been both going through a very peculiar time since 2010/2011.
They represent two aspects of the same energy: Aries is a pioneer, opening up new tracks, while Capricorn is the result one reaches through tenacity and devotion. They are two antithetic vibrations but they are now linked together by two planets: Uranus, planet of Light in Aries, and Pluto, the unconscious, in Capricorn. The power of this antithesis will allow Aries and Capricorn to reach for unexpected results in these next days.
Venus/Saturn conjunction is also reinforcing the mythic planet Trine in Water signs (for details, pls see: - it is written in Italian, but there is a very effective translation service).
Now it is important to understand the following: the three Water signs represent the Whole human emotional world at different levels. Since last June, we all have been called by this Trine (Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune retrograde in Pisces) to live according to our own truth, thus getting rid of masks and fake feelings. Those who are not used to face the truth of their own emotions may feel very angry, for they cannot recognize the changing outside world any longer. It would be better to stay still and observe inside what needs healing and care.
People belonging to Water signs may have it easier to deal with this process: Cancer is running towards a wonderful state of self-sufficiency, using they innate creative power in a positive and steady way, also giving birth to a new kind of sparkling life, after sleeping all last year long.
Pisces possess this wonderful gifr of always finding a reason to dream and lastly dreaming is an instrument they can use to find themselves. If life seems to be too tough, you just dream. This is no escape, but a way to find a deep nourishment for your hungry Soul looking for Magic.
As a consequence Virgo, in opposition to Pisces, can learn how to let control go. Any "freaky" Virgo needs to let it go: life is not fighting or holding on but experience and learning.
Sagittarius and Gemini are overwhelmed with thousands of requests from the outside world, but they can both deal with them, as they are very communicative and self-centered. In any case, if you feel tension, just smile, and tension will be relieved.
Stefania Ashtalan  

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