sabato 21 settembre 2013



Today Pluto, planet of unconscious psyche, of determination, of soul depths, turns to direct again, after a long retrograde motion since April 13, when we were all stuck on a stand-by
Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, Water sign of a deep pond, challenging us to dive into its mud to find the Great Light of the Power of the Creative Mind. It takes courage, but the gift we discover at the bottom of the pond is immense.
Now, since 2010 Pluto is in Capricorn, which is much like a mountain, the Holy Mountain of Realization. What Pluto can teach us from this position is to learn how to create a channel inside of us, passing through the unconscious structures of social conditionings and wrong believes to get at our Inner Light, the Joy we all cherish inside.
The expression of this joy is pure creativity, allowing us to build up a better life, resembling to our dreams.
As Pluto is a slow planet, it will remain in Capricorn until 2023, alternating direct and retrograde motion (in this post in Italian you find details about this:
allowing us to advance in the process of inner exploration but also stopping us in order to root the acquired intuitions, so that everything is perfectly integrated.
This process is so slow because it is operating at a very deep level. To accelerate the discovery and the integration, we are asked to express our will to surrender in the process itself, with blind faith in God, as we cannot know what Pluto is going to bring forth, as it is working at an unconscious level. Yet you can be sure that its lessons are perfect for each and one of us, no matter what is your Zodiac sign, because slow planets have a planetary and not only an individual influence.   
Obviously, meditation is the best instrument we have to face Pluto's lessons, because while meditating our mind loses its power on us, and our heart intermingles with understanding and compassion.
This return to a direct motion will take away the burden from our shoulders, freeing our mind and its positive sense. We will optimistic and motivated again.
We have been working a lot to get our balance these last months, so it is time to relax and enjoy it.
Stefania Ashtalan

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