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From September 11 to 13 Settembre 2013 Moon travels in Sagittarius, Fire sign of the last Zodiac group of four, the signs of Absolute.
Sagittarius is a sign of research: Truth, Deep Sense of Existence, Path to our own Divinity, Sense of Identification with a Spiritual Mission emerging from within.
The Moon is bringing a very female and thus important  nuance to Sagittarius, incarnating the Sacred Principle of the Feminine, like the glance God Father Mother launches on everything surrounding Him/Her, as a natural development of His/Her Ray of Love.
When the Moon travels in Sagittarius we have the chance to get in touch  with the deep core of our feminine side, if we are women. If you are a man, you will understand how important were the lessons you received through the relationship to your feminine world, represented by your mother, daughter/s, sister/s, wife/ves, lovers, and so on.
Time has come to acknowledge the true role of this Half of Heaven, as the Eastern people call us.
All through human history the Sacred Feminine was adored but all tortured and murdered because it was too powerful and scary for the masculine orthodox monotheist world.
And now these last three days underline this dynamic by the square formed by the Crescent Moon in Sagittarius to the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces (three quarters of the Cross of Mobile Signs). The Eternal Sacred Feminine is requiring its own place between the Rational Logic of our Culture (Sun in Virgo) and the established religious systems (Neptune in Pisces).
We women should now acknowledge our own worth as carriers of Peace and Acceptance, of Motherliness towards Life itself and keepers of the Great Secret of Life (the ability to help the development of another human being - in a physical and metaphysical sense).
Feel the Mystic Channel of Life opening inside of you, illuminating your physical and energetic bodies, radiating through your physic body, soul and spirit and back. This is our power and we thus get in touch with our Essence. AND SO WE ARE!  
In the link here under you can check which one of your planets are in Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces, for this call is for you:

Have a wonderful Moon and pls come back in the next days for the Moon in Capricorn!

Stefania Ashtalan

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