sabato 14 settembre 2013



From September 13, early afternoon, to 15, early afternoon (Central Europe time), the Moon is in Capricorn.
Its primary characteristic is to enlight our inner power, because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, our Self, the deep Sense of Identity, the spinal chord elevating us from the ground, the path leading to spiritual awakening, drifting away from basic human insticts.
We feel then pushed to seld-discipline, to get rid of bad habits, choosing to clean up our body and mind.
Besides, a very important fact is that this Moon is forming an aspect of conjuction with Pluto, our unconscious, in Capricorn as well, retrograde. The Moon also represents a deep inner state, so that both astral bodies give light to our hidden emotions related to past events (Pluto retrograde), asking to be processed and understood. These are the usual wrong mechanisms we regularly pass through, when one wonders why he is always going through the same old mess.
Humbly observing ourselves with a honest heart, we can see and understand the reason why. Please consider that the mystic union between the Moon and Pluto has a great evolutionary power, because they both relate to our Soul's experiences. Furthermore, they are strongly activated by the square aspect (inner tension) of Uranus retrograde in Aries, the planet of Lighr in a Fire sign. Uranus will shout in our inner ears until we accomplish the task of looking at those mechanisms very closely.
Three days' time (so long the Moon remains in Capricorn, as written above), is a very short period. But it nevertheless gives us the chance to take a deep look at what is unbalanced inside of us, the same old patterns. The solution will take form inside and the answer will come out when the Moon enters Aries, next weekend, getting close to Uranus. These two lights, one reflected and the other electric, will join together thus emanating a ray that will be captured by our sixth sense. This will be the moment when we are blessed with the right intuitions, and the answer is there!
Stefania Ashtalan

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