domenica 29 marzo 2015


In this right moment we find ourselves within that particular space in time that I call the "Eclipse Corridor", between the Solar Eclipse on March 20 and the Moon Eclipse on April 04.
It is a very peculiar time and we can focus on every single mechanism og our ego holding us back. Lately we have been processing our ego a lot to refine it, to reach for a certain degree of heartlightedness, but we could not get completely rid of the past, yet. 
You have surely noticed how urgent it is NOW to breath freely and to follow our own truth. Now we are walking in  the right path to learn how to do it. 
Travelling through this Eclipse Corridor is enabling us to face our fear of letting go. We usually stick to what we know and what we have, because it is through that that we define ourselves. But life is change, and letting go is necessary to respect our own evolution. Letting go means to allow ourselves to flow free, creating our life through imagination, nourished by the heart. 
To find the right answer you should pose the right questions, such as: does freedom scare us? does love scare us? Are we afraid of being happy? Making our way through our heart to heal it is the great gift of the Eclipses.
Let us focus on how free we express ourselves and let us try to perceive how much space we give to our dreams.
I am not talking about skipping our duties and burdens. I am talking about taking the responsability of feeling good, getting to know what this means to us, filling our days with many episodes that contemplate the task of letting us breath free. Life is joy, not only hardship. Hardship is a part of it, but it must not be the only actor on the scene.
So let us start our day every morning by asking ourselves: what would bring me joy today? Let us use our imagination and dare to dream the impossibile. Going beyond the usual line every day takes us towards a new reality, giving birth to our dreams. Just make a try!

Stefania Gyan Salila

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