domenica 25 agosto 2013



The astrological week opens up with the passage of the Moon from Aries to Taurus and the Great Sextile of the Portal of Peace, details of which can read in
Moon in Taurus is wonderfully sensual, a pure breeze of hot air, charming and groovy. It is offering us an intense emotional background, in order to face the heavy transformative energies of the Cross of Cardinal Signs: Uranus in Aries allows us to see a radiant future but it seems to be too far away and we feel frustrated; Jupiter in Cancer in conjuction to the Dark Moon until next spring makes us intollerant and restless, as we can never find the right place to stay; Venus in Libra is trying to soothe us, allowing us to take a break through her lightheartedness, but soon Pluto in Capricorn is behind her back, and works like a drill because he wants us to get to our inner Light.
Before smashing our head against the wall for the big input amount we are receiving, let us take a deep breath and get inside the Great Goddess' warm embrace, in order to release tensions and to use inner obstacles as a stairway to heaven, which is like descending into the dephts of our Soul. Moon in Taurus can help us by her rhythmic dance to give a big start to New Energy in our lives. Using our body, we could win any frustration or tension, as we will feel strong and firm within ourselves.
On Wednesday 28, Moon passes on to Gemini and then on Saturday 31 it passes on to Cancer. This is an intimate journey through the first four Zodiac signs, related to our Body, Sense of Self, our Childhood, our Roots and our Origins.
This are this week's issues, that we are going to be dealing with, each of us in our own way, at our pace, and in the free choice of conscious beings.
Those who belong to Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will obviously have a great chance to go deep within their own roots, using love and forgiveness to release an important issue that needs to be healed.
Taurus and Scorpio will be able to travel very easily along their days, feeling themselves acknowledged and appreciated for what they really are, while Leo and Aquarius will make some resistance, as they will feel forced in shaking a few beliefs that need to be renewed. 
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are all under the influence of the conjuction of Neptune and Chiron retrograde in Pisces. This aspect creates a foggy sensation around their mind on the one hand, and on the other, it shows them how big the illusion was that they were living. It will take them some courage to face this trail towards Truth, but this is the chance for a complete awakening, each of themin their own way, at their own pace.
Have a wonderful!
Stefania Ashtalan 

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