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Dear Friends,
this is the last Group of Zodiac signs which I wrote astrological summer forecast for. My point of view about forecasts is that we need to know the planet movements not to know our future, which does not exist, but to take advantages of all the chances they open up for us.
Mobile Signs are those taking place at the end of a season. In this period of the year there are a lot of changes in weather, reflecting a very unsteady nature in the natives.
These people need to get rid of the old to step into something new, new adventures in the unknown. They feel they have to stay away from boredom. They welcome anything new in their life, just until the novelty becomes habit. Then they have to start all over again, a new exploration must begin, there is always something new or someone else to know.
GEMINI - Strength is on your side. You have the drive to face an introspective journey inside yourselves, which could be a hard thing to do, considering your airy nature. You would rather chase for novelties anywhere instead of piercing the unconscious. Yet sometimes it is necessary to stop, to allow all the new things you have found to root inside of you, so that they can get to be your reality. Otherwise they risk to transform into air. The greatest change you have to face now takes place within you. You are asked to sit down, take a look at your life and to intensely investigate all the reasons that made you who you are today, no matter what this means. This is important to teach your speedy mind to slow down and use all the brilliant ideas you always have. It is necessary to let new aspects arise from within you: compassion  and empathy. You are asked to develop the Heart path, in order to complete your personal mental hologram. In this way your Whole being will be incredibly enriched. When heart and mind come to a mutual comunication, oppositions and separation are cancelled, the world is a Whole being and you are a part of everything and everyone. Every Air Sign (of which you are part) has a specific task in this New Era, the creation of thoughts of Love, so intense to have the strength to become real (Air Signs are linked to the energy of thinking).  Thoughts create our environment and our relations, and if you are able to nourish your Mind with your Heart desires, you can thus become a perfect  (in a human sense, of course!) co-creator of New Earth. Do not be afraid of investigating within you. You could start by writing down what you feel and perceive, as this is a thing you love to do. Do not be scared of feeling moved, as emotions are decrystallized in this process, to allow you to shine. And do not even think of getting bored, as inner view is in constant transformation!
VIRGO - Your Whole world is changing. You, the strongest humans in control of the Zodiac (you have the gift to take order out of the cosmic chaos!), cannot get used to all the processes of transformation that your life is  going through now. Please learn to think that chaos does not exist; it is only the flowing of cosmic energies holding a given pattern, aimed at the Supreme Good. You cannot claim that everything gets in place according to your will, if this does not stem for your Heart desires. You need to stop, to let the hold go, through which your whole body got stiff in the long run, in order to open up to this wonderful Light. This Light needs to be completed by Logic, that your sheer mind holds in quantity. Your repeated question now is: how could I get here? and now, where will I go? Hard times started from within the couple, where your partner did not match to your requests any longer. If you stuck to your rigid bevahiour, instead of wondering why that was happening, getting apart could have been a natural consequence. At this point, you have the time for a honest analysis in front of the mirror. This is what is going to save you. Reset requests, breath deeply, enter your womb (that is, draw your attention to your body, to its symptoms, to its calls) and from there let the Mystic Virgo arise, the great Feminine that is able to give everything the right place, to create a new Cosmic Order of divine perfection. In this stage, order does not come from logical thinking, but from flowing with your Heart desires. The Mystic Virgo has direct access to your Heart, as she holds the Product of Awaken Humanity's work in her hand. The world is floating towards the return of the great goddess and you, men and women, can be the first to bring this sweet vibration in your life and thus to others. Be ready to leave for this journey. Maybe you cannot even guess where you will get at or what you will find on your way, but this is the surprise! Let yourselves be softly embraced by the cosmic flowing energies, your body needs it.
SAGITTARIUS - You can take a great advantage from the introspective journey you started this summer. As you can travel all over the surface of our world, you can also travel in the depth of your soul, to discover new paths of self-knowledge that you can share with others like a know-how for life. It is important to start with the right drive, which is what helps you to realize an old dream you forgot on a shelf , due to your  habit to spread your energies all over. You need to focus towards an aim, you need determination to get there, without hurry, with the right pace, because, as White Bull says "God is never late, but not even early". There are things from your past you need to reconsider, even if it hurts. Instead of always looking at tomorrow, at the next best thing, this trip is going to take you back to discover ancient mysteries holding the key of who you are today. If you feel encaged or restless, it is necessary to discover the very reason why, so then you can step to something else. This is the great gift. The new awareness will lead you halfway on your complete personal evolution. This means that finding the keys of what still takes you back will mark the beginning of a new journey, starting next year, when Jupiter will enter Leo, a Fire Sign, as you are. Until then fear nothing and investigate. There are so many treasures to discover, hidden under layers of rage. You can thus enter the Great Cave, where the exhausted Warrior can rest from fatigue and can be cured of the possible injuries he collected along the way. This is a chance to heal everything you feel not alligned in you. It is a Golden Moment. You, among the Zodiac Signs, hold the Ancient Knowledge and can thus have access to a new Divine Philosophy, finding God within yourselves. Those who will look into your eyes will see this light and get a great advantage from your vibration. You can see the Infinite, please share it with us!
PISCES - your key word now is falling-in-love, as this cosmic moment holds something special for you, who  costantly live searching for this vibration that opens up your heart and make your dreams come true. Now you are feeling not free to go wherever you would like, as if synchronicity would take you towards something you do not understand and cannot therefore accept. Do not make any resistance and follow the signs. Trust them. The world needs dreamers and being in love is the best situation for daydreaming.  When you are in love, you feel everything is possible. You accept no limit and no boundaries. This is what is asked from you, that your state of dreamer becomes a permanent state of being. You can thus produce a magical vibration in you, that would change reality. This means to expand your own state of consciousness. And if, while you dream, you realize you cannot match with your life any longer, you can start to slowly change it, with your own pace, at your choice. The best thing to do to find peace of mind is living according to what brings you joy. Start looking at your life from this perspective, as you will then be able to step out the dark tunnel you have been walking through because you thought that feeling good was selfish and only self-sacrifice could give you dignity. You are not asked to leave your job or your family, but to resonate with a state of being far from the masks you used to wear to hide your sensitivity and frailty. You are free to do this at your own pace. Learn to observe when and how you "wear" your different behaviours during the day and try, at least for 5 minutes in the beginning, to live authentically. Observe what comes up from within you when you are in that condition of sticking to your own inner truth. Do you like it? Do you feel unease? It is like a training. You can make many exercises in this sense. Important is you can reach the mermaid hidden deep inside your heart, holding the best part of you in herself, the erratic and changeable and dreamy nature of reality, where you can relax. The World needs dreamers, John Lennon used to sing this all the time.

Stefania Ashtalan

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