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This is the second part of the Summer Astro-Forecast. The first one was dedicated to Cardinal Signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Now I will explain forecasts for the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).
First of all these Signs are called Fixed because during the time of the year when they take place there are no climatic changes. Solar energy fixes its light and the environment remains the same. This is the right vibration to allow the previous signs' operations to develop. 
Due to this steadiness, the typical chararect of a Fixed Sign is alien to changes, as they find their gift staying where they are. But Life in itself is erratic and evolutionary and it modifies everything in its course. Therefore also Fixed Signs should learn how to let themselves go in the flow, without resistence, without holding on too strong to what they already know.
Now there is a Great Trine in the sky - Jupiter in Cancer (love issues) touches Saturn in Scorpio (deepest desires) which in its turn touches Neptune and Kyron in Pisces (spiritual mission in life). This gives a very high vibration to every aspect of our life, asking each of us to talk our deepest Truth and to get rid of unhealthy and heavy situations.
Let us see what this Trine is asking our friends from the Fixed Signs:
TAURUS - everything is slipping away around you. Reality is changing bit by bit and the only thing you can do is to witness this important event in your life. It feels like everything is happening despite of yourselves. Just until yesterday life was a long calm river and now you find your house is flooded. Yet, after a first moment of dizziness, you have the chance to take out the warrior in you, to make things clear once for all. All that Fire inside of you, that you normally show with great difficulty, is now coming out like an awoken volcano. Now you can say what you have always concealed in order not to hurt somebody else's feelings. Please do not stop, as the effect will be cathartic and extremely positive. Later, if you wish, you can even pack your things and go. But this is going to take place only when you will be able to overcome all the bitter feelings collected during a long and silent relationship (love or business or family relation): by forgiving and being forgiven for what was done to you or for what you did that was wrong. So you will empty your karma-bag. From that moment on Dharma (positive karma) will get activated in your life, bringing goods things to build your new life upon. Yet leaving is possible only when you feel that your old mission is over. You did yourselves good by staying where you were. You will rewarded by Life for this, as you will be able to become self-sufficient. You will be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: another life and another part of you are waiting to be experienced. 
LEO - this Planetary Trine is activating a process of focusing on what you wanted for you in your life at any cost, even if this created a lot of tensions inside of you. You were holding to that situation to meet your responsabilities, as you felt you had a role to live, and sometimes you lived in such a hurry and took no time for acknowledging your real heart desires. You preferred to hide yourselves in oblivion, as finding solutions was too difficult and costed too much. But now the Golden Door is opening for you, as well, through which you can look at your forgotten dreams to make them real. Just decide when and how. To do this marvellous favor to yourselves, first of all try to understand what peace and happiness mean to you. If you feel there is something in your past that takes you away from inner peace, please consider that it would be time to face it once for all. Take the courage, even if it could be painful. It is a necessary step towards the end of an existence where you do not belong anymore. Everything stems from here, from your Core where your real identity is, but is now hidden under layers of self-oblivion. If you wish, you will be able to close that door with serenity, knowing you did anything you were asked for. This is your gift from the Christ consciousness that is now incarnating through the planetary rays touching now our Galaxy, our Planet. You will awake with a different state of mind. You will awake and realize that you started to build a base for Man's Golden Heart, which is the task given to every evolved Leo.
SCORPIO - Saturn has been travelling in your Sign since October 2012 and its action is transforming you relentlessly. What this planet does is to refine things, it cuts dead branches, allowing the growth of a beautiful rosebush. Therefore you have been feeling as you were forced to pay attention to its effects in your life, starting to make big changes. If, on the contrary, you are not used to study the Sky to know which rays are hitting Earth, you could have suffered from various turmoils, more or less serious, where you felt yourselves as a victim of Fate. In any case, the main task developped by this transit is to teach you how to become a conscious co-creator of the New Energy. This is a condition that will enable you to find anything you feel to mean joy, happiness and serenity for you. This is a wonderful moment of transformative catharsis. Take a look around: the world has many gifts for you, open up your eyes! Do not be afraid to let old things go, to let go the old you. This is the time to go deep within yourselves to acknowledge new and positive emotions that could create a new environment around you that is a reflection of the good things you have inside. There is a great target waiting for you, learning how to feel a whole inside and this whole cannot be changed or modified if you do not want to. From this point of feeling you will be able to build up your future, believing you deserve anything beautiful life can offer you. Being a Fixed Sign, you are able to crystallize the celestial energy to transform it into your reality. The present Trine can help you, if you ask for help. You can become a container for the planetary rays and create a bridge between Heart and Mind. Then you can emanate positive thoughts to bring Heaven Reality on Earth. It looks like a very difficult task, but yor are perfectly able to do it.
AQUARIUS - Water Signs' Trine is taking you to a very emotional vibration and you do not like it.
It yet starts with a beautiful Moon in your sign, as if to create a bridge between your erratic mind and the calm lake of your heart, too long forgotten. And this is the point. It is necessary for you to acknowledge that, even it it is wonderful to fly on the Golden wings of creative thinking, this needs the right fuel. Flying high should also mean going deep within. Now this is the moment. Pass that bridge, step through it and bathe in the calm and warm water of your heart. Maybe you are finding yourselves in a situation that seems to belong to your past, from which you flew away because it was too painful. You looked for freedom, but what you found was not freedom from deep within. If you leave you find no freedom. So now you can face these events with honour. You know now that these events are here for you to help you to get rid of invisible chains that anchored you to your past. If you felt queasiness in these last times it was because of the invisible prisoner you felt you were. Please know that you can free yourselves by getting in touch with the emotion that caused you to run away. Use you will and that will be enough. Everything will happen by itself, because Universe will hand the right instruments over to you to operate a definite cut. Your great gift is intuition, through which you connect to Higher Realms. Use your intuition to give the world Visions of a New Earth, of which you are spokespeople. Do not deprive us of your talent: a very refined psychic sensitivity, beyond the perceptions of a common human mind. If your sensitivity is nourished by Heart's Flows, you will become wonderful Human Beings!
Very soon I will post the third part for the Summer Forecast for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
Stefania Ashtalan 

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