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Dear friends and readers,

these are very peculiar times from an astrological point of view. Planets are moving in Water Signs, giving us a great hint to make a deep analysis of our emotional world.

This means that the Big Cosmic Lens enhances the importance of our relations, family relations, marriage, etc.

Jupiter, the Magnus, has entered Cancer (family life – how satisfactory it is now? How can we get the best out of it?) , meeting the Sun, Mercury retrograde (words we have never had the courage to speak before) and Liltih (all the rage stemming from an ignored request of love) . They form  a magic Triangle of Love with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio (desire to respect our own truth) and Neptune and Chyron retrograde in Pisces (return of Christ consciousness). So celestial hints are strong. Try to use them as best as you can.


Let us now see how every Zodiac sign can capture these energies and what good it comes for everyone.

This analysis starts with Cardinal Signs (so called because  they are the door for a new season – from the Latin, where cardinal means hinge) - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – as they are deeply involved in this change brought about by the Planets’ rays:

ARIES – you feel a big pressure, as unconscious issues are pushing to be expressed. You are very impulsive and irrational, sometimes you tend to react rather than to ponder, getting stuck in a chain-mechanism without end. Now a voice is coming out from deep within, to be heard. This is a voice coming from far away, begging you to be listened to, before expressing it. It is rage, hiding a deep wound of injustice you received a long time ago, maybe in a past lifetime. As we are stepping into the New Energy, we are now asked to heal past wounds, letting them go lovingly along our pathway. This is the moment. What you can do is listening to that voice, embracing its discomfort, if this emerges, without seeking for an immediate solution. The secret is to learn to remain in this discomforting feeling, because it is the only way to get to its origin. Then you can let it go. Forever. So please stop fighting. Allow yourselves to be a cane bent by the wind, bend yourselves in front of this emotional wave. It comes from the past, as it apparently does not belong to your everyday life. Yet this wound got you to make forced choices, just to sooth the unease stemming from a lack of love. This is the time to learn to love yourselves. First of all, to love ourselves means to listen to what comes out from deep within, from that unknown core holding a potential of anything we could be. If you want to change your life, if this is what you wish for yourselves, you can start from here.

This new aspect  (Trine – see above) opens a gateway for you, leading to the acknowledgement of  your real Essence. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn take also part in the Planetary dance: they represent the destruction of old systems, from which each one can start all over again.

The door is now open. It is up to you to decide if you want to step into the Secret Garden of Wonders.


CANCER – for you, the above mentioned Trine starts with a cry, and with a wonderful gesture of self-assertiveness, to get rid of anything that has always been restrictive, both inside and outside of you. Time to clean up, to take into exam where you got at, who you have become. Do you like  who you are today? What is still missing to complete the image you have in your heart, regarding yourselves? What is still keeping you apart from it? Now you have the drive to make a vast operation of sorting out, as you do not want to experience disharmony in your life any longer. Life as a couple is now the actual battle field. Maybe you have the feeling your partner has deeply changed, becoming a stranger to your eyes. Yet, I want you to acknowledge that everything is generated inside of us and the outer world is only a reflection of our inner reality. What is the partner asking of you? Authenticity! Even if it is hard, even if it means fighting and yelling, your partner is asking that you respect yourselves and your limits, that you are so good in building up. This is the way. Be true to yourselves! First of all, you need to make a self-analysis, as honest as possible. Rage can show you the path. This emotion, that you so often hold inside for a quiet living, keeping it in your stomach, where it becomes fire, should be a container for your new Self. In this way, rage gets to be functional and you do not suffer from it anymore. With time, you will learn how to work it out, but in the meantime, use it to define yourselves and building up a new shell, which reflects your being and your feelings as truly as possible. This means holding on to your own Truth. This is the opportunity coming out from these important planetary transits where every slow planet is involved. Slow planets rule the unconscious – its issues are thus illuminated to be seen and accepted, at your pace, according to your wish. But it is a really big chance. Step on it and let yourselves go with the Flow of the Galactic Water, taking you to your own Core. Have a good trip!


LIBRA – your sign, among these Cardinals, is the only one without any planet in it. Nevertheless, the effect of the aspects you receive is very disruptive for your delicate emotional balance. You have been feeling the necessity for changes in your daily life for quite a while, thanks to the continuous and uninterrupted action of Uranus in Aries (strong intuitions and sudden understanding of the most unconscious mechanisms) and Pluto in Capricorn (determination and tenacity in learning how to manage the mind. In this way your mind can find a more restricted dimension in the wholeness of your being, making room for new feelings of self-love to be embraced). From this perspective you could reach an accurate self-definition, which a very important stage in your life, as you have this huge empathy for others. But is not over yet. There is still something to be refined, a very important area in your life to take care of, to observe, to forgive and to let go: the motherly side, your original root. A root is an invisible section that anchors us here. You, as an Air Sign, are often lost in pondering and thinking, and could not take your root in the right consideration until now, as you are frightened by anything that goes deep within. Uranus’ and Pluto’s actions did you good because they operate in your psyche, in your Mental Body. But Jupiter in Cancer puts you right there in your Emotional Body. What can you do to face this unknown territory? First of all, as you wish to take into exam your mother, you should observe how you live your feminine side (men have a strong sensitive part into them, it is time for them to express it shamelessly). How is your inner child feeling? Did you ever learn to listen to it? This is what is expecting you until next year (because these aspects last for so long). A growing and healthy relationship with your inner child, ripening of your inner feminine side, including integration and letting go of your motherly reference,  until you can reach a condition of harmonic expression of the Great Goddess. You will become the first representatives of Earth’s New Energy. As you come from Venus and are love messengers, who else can be a flag-bearer for the Great Breed of Queens, destined to reign among us in a next future? You already are on your path, be willing to get in touch with your fragility, with no fear of dying (you do not die out of fragility). You can thus find what is hiding inside the Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz – your big Heart!


CAPRICORN - in December  2008 a deep and constant transformation process started: Pluto, Master of psyche and of the Third Eye (the all-seeing eye, in your sixth chakra, in the midst of your forefront), entered your sign. This was a necessary step, as you are a sign connected to the Rebirth of Light (Winter Solstice, celebration of the Sun, takes place in Capricorn). You are the Mountain in the Zodiac, because you only see goals that can be reached through hardship, dedication and tenacity; you love to keep everything jealously hidden inside. Pluto is taking forth a strong refinement inside of you, to make this jealously hidden Light sparkle out towards the world. Light is changing vibration under the New Energy and you are Its guardians: you are changing at the same pace as Light does. Libra is the Goddess’ flag-bearer, you are New Energy’s torch-bearers.

This refinement operation got more intense since June 2012, when Uranus in Aries touched Pluto’s orbit in Capricorn – intuition and all-seeingness – Now you are becoming this Light yourselves. You have a very important task, in comparison with your great ability of taking responsibility on you: the task of accepting this total transformation, leading to a huge rise in the vibration of your consciousness, sharing your pathway with the world, to open up the trail to those that are to come.

Now, with Jupiter  in Cancer and the Water Signs’ Trine – in perfect harmony with your Earth element – you also can be those to see the manifestation of the Work of the Light of Love on this plan. You are not asked anything particular, just to be, in your free Essence of New Humanity. You are those who started the trip. You will be greatly rewarded for the initial fatigue and for the trust you put in Heaven. Thank you!


In the next days I will publish the second part of the summer forecast with Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)

 Stefania Ashtalan





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