domenica 18 agosto 2013



During this week the Sun will enter the Virgo, giving the right measure to all the summer excesses that light and heat had stimulated. We will feel pushed towards insight and self-contemplation and this feeling will be supported by the path of the Moon, perfectly in line with the cosmic moment.
Today and tomorrow, (August 18/19) the Moon is in Capricorn - thus inspiring us with the need for silence, to find a sense, an objective, to make an idea real. The spirit of the Moon in Capricorn starts from a very high point of view: it inspires decisiveness and determination, concentration and earnestness. No more nuances, only well defined ways.
On 20th and 21st the Moon is in Aquarius, where, on 21st 03:45 a.m. (Italian time), it becomes Full. The Moon in Aquarius takes up the push from Capricorn to reach for a goal and it transforms it in a future ideal for a wonderful life, where everybody feels better. The opposition that the Moon is going to build to the Sun, on August 21st, will allow us to face this challenge: what does  our ego need to feel good and which are the requests from our beloved? To answer this question we should release selfishness to step towards others. This is good for them, surely, but it will be great for us! 
On 22nd the Moon enters Pisces. In case we have made a good job by opening ourselves to our own and others' good,  we can now enjoy the results, feeling our Heart open up, and this chance is there until the day after.
Then, on 24th, the Moon passes on to Aries. This is a new Moon cycle through the Zodiac. We started this week with determination, which allowed us to discover what is really important for ourselves and for those we love and love us. We shared this feeling, that, like a flower, opened up in the fourth chakra (Heart Chakra). Our whole being can then resonate to the gentle touch of Beauty in Life. Now, the sparkling energy of Aries allows us to fully live as light as wind. 

In the meantime, the strong tensions in Cancer are loosening. Family relations, desires of feeling part of a whole, lose their obsessive aspects that haunted us lately, even if they leave us with a sense of melancholy. Remember that these feelings are necessary to shake those who tend to resist an uneasy situation just to feel accepted. But you, your dream, the you you deeply are, where are you? It is possible to answer this question only shaking those suffocating situations at the foundations (Jupiter/Black Moon in Cancer square to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn). Be immensely grateful to these planets, as they give you the chance to get out of that door to find a perfect sense for you, stemming from you, as a result of your own efforts, of which you can be grateful only to yourselves.
Today (August 18) Venus enters Libra, thus sweetening possible tensions with a note of an airy desire for fun.
Mercury passes on to Virgo on 24th, where it is governor. The week ends with a touch of aplomb, now particularly necessary, considering the emotional peaks we suffered in these last days.  
Have a wonderful week!
Stefania Ashtalan

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