mercoledì 21 agosto 2013


Just a few words about today's Full Moon (August 21 2013) to show you all its important implications.
August Full Moon takes place in Aquarius, obviously creating opposition to the Sun in Leo. The interesting thing is that these two astral bodies give birth to a dialogue, which is an important comparison between anticonformism (Moon in Aquarius) and pure formalism (Sun in Leo), between breaking the rules living out of the box on one side, and on the opposite, following faithfully known patterns and respecting traditions.
First of all, this dialogue gets wider, as Venus is involved in it as well. This planet is now in Libra, being thus seductive and free, sweet like a summer breeze smelling of peach. Now Venus helps the Moon in enhancing the feeling of leaving daily life behind to seek for adventure. Aquarius and Libra both belong to Air Signs, very strong dreamers of what is beyond. In this case, the Moon and Venus create an aspect that pushes us to look for a new kind of relationship, a freer way to stay together, a more respectful kind of couple, opened but with a strong complicity.
Both the Moon and Venus represent the Feminine Forces, in opposition to the Sun, the very Masculine Force, that has Mercury (in Leo) as a companion, symbolyzing the mental stiffness of those who do not want to lose their positions.
The most involved signs in these passages will obviously be Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, on one side, that will start to shimmer and shake, and Leo, on the other side. Aries and Sagittarius, other Fire Signs like Leo, even if involved, can face a challenge very eagerly, for they feel alive when they find themselves in such a erratic situation. Yet, Aries is trying to catch the right pace, hosting Uranus for a while. This is the most difficult time for Aries, for these natives feel like shaking the world but are not able to do it yet. They should wait until the end of the year, dedicating some time to make the right decisions.
Going back to Leo and the dialogue inside a couple, this multiple planetary aspect wants to teach these natives (and obviously to  all of us) that New Energy came in when the Old one was almost gone. Sticking to what we know, to false certainties does not pay you back any longer. It is necessary to make a step forward and to use Heart and Generosity (Leo's strong aspects) to embrace a New Vision brought about by the Moon. This Vision is a relation based on personal freedom, wholly and fully respecting the other, wholly and fully accepting the person in front of us, for you become aware that he/she is a mirror of ourselves. 
This is also true for Scorpio and Taurus, that have been through a slow process of deep transformation for a while. They are also very involved by the Aquarius Moon, as they are part of the Fixed Signs' Cross (together with Aquarius and Leo). It is correct and natural to flow with this cosmic moment into the Unknown, even if it is hard. One little step at a time, with your own pace.
Regarding Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces, that have not been mentioned yet, they are already very busy with their present planetary hosts.
Cancer - Jupiter, Mars and Dark Moon - you really feel uneasy, as you wish to go out from your own personal tunnel to see the light at last - do not despair, everything counts: your queasiness will put you on the right track for the solution, that will be handed over to you on a silver platter next spring;
Virgo - Neptune's and Chiron's opposition in Pisces is hard to bear, as it blurs your mind. Yet this is the service! You can now have some rest, logging out from that unstoppable computer that your mind is;
Capricorn - Pluto in your sign, square to Uranus in Aries, Cancer's planetary group in opposition and now even Venus square in Libra - they all create a wonderful geometric pattern. This is a matrix you can try to match to in order to take the best in you out in the world; 
Pisces - the world is now revealing itself to your eyes - by the end of 2013 everything will be completely clear. In the meantime, you are watching other humans running around, busy to find their own inner balance. You observe them from above, thinking they are all crazy.
Stefania Ashtalan

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