giovedì 23 agosto 2012


Air signs speak of pure harmony, ethereal journey, where everything is light and flows.
Air signs are a challenge to life, to incarnation, to matter world, to action.
When just a child, a person born under an Air sign could have suffered from a severe sickness, as a refusal to remain at this level of existence.
This is the world of ideas, driven to obsessions, where reality hides behind what we think of it.
This is the reign of chaos, where everything is going on very fast, inspired by the speed of thoughts.
There is no stillness, no stability, no permanency. People have to concentrate over again to find the forgotten goal.
The hardest task is to face reality, to stop idealizing themselves as invincible, larger than life. If they fail in framing themselves in a true-to-life picure, they will become very frustrated.
Air signs must learn patience, learning how to fasten their belt here in this land.
They should learn how to pursue the same aim long enough to have something good coming out of it. Journeying along the wave of thought, they are extremely creative creatures, but it sometimes occur to them to waste their talent due to inconsistency!

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