martedì 21 agosto 2012


Ok, the experiment goes on... here another hint from Ahyrnel about Earh Signs. I hope you like it!

"We are entering the reign of caution and accuracy as mental and inner qualities. Here order rules, as also placidity, anti-chaos harmony, which are the instruments of those who never lose control. We are in control here, where mind leads heart, where Reason shapes everything,  even if it is a Reason looking for the divine hand hidden behind every single thing.
Earth Signs possess a love for a kind of order that recalls a divine order, just as during Creation everything was generated following a precise order.
Nothing just happens, this is what Earth Signs say, and they have the awareness that you just have to desire a thing to get it, it does not matter how hard it is or how long it takes, you will get it, because it is so.
Earth Signs are welcoming, can make you feel at home, because they incarnate the earthly divine principle, the Great Mother, holding and nourishing every creature. They incarnate the nourishing principle, food like a love exchange, they produce food for the starving, also those who starve for love.
Earth Signs risk to get easily depressed because they tend not to move nor to be creative. Sometimes it is necessary to push them out of their torpidity.
They have to be careful not to be overwhelmed by their relatives and friends because they are very generous."

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