lunedì 20 agosto 2012


This is an experiment: I am an Italian spiritual researcher, who are writing a blog about karmic astrology, Mayan astrology and Tarots. I noticed that many people from the States were reading my posts, so, as I can write in English, I decided I will devote part of time in writing specifically for the English-reading people. If the response is good, I will go on.
As a start, I will translate a short description of the Fire Signs that my Guide inspired me years ago, when I was teaching basic Astrology. My Guide's name is Ahyrnel and she is very loving. I decided to add a few sentences to explain concepts in a wider way. My sentences are in italics:

"I will shortly describe every sign of the Zodiac, because I, Ahyrnel, talking through my friend's heart and mind, I am interested in leaving a light print in your hearts, lingering like an engraving, and from that engraving a path should start, that could take you along during your days, while you meet every vital step in your existence, realizing how glad and proud you are to be there, in the right place at the right moment.
Every soul chooses a specific time to step into this world, the choice depending on the lesson is necessary to learn. Each Zodiac sign is a door, with a specific shape that will then support us in doing things and meeting commitments and challenges. Those who choose this matrix bear an indelible print into them, the print of action as self-assertiveness. They will not stop, so as you cannot stop fire, until it has completed its purifying duty. These souls purify themselves continously by taking an action outwards, and this is a heavy job for them, because they have to find a balance between inward and outward. This is why Fire signs are so out of balance most of the times. Their challenge is balancing inner world and outer world, their ego and human destiny as divine will. This means that their self-assertiveness sometimes takes them away from the determined path, from the path God chose for them, their stubbornness makes them blind.
So caution is their defence and advantage and once they learn how to use it, their reliability is strong. They need to be loved, they require a lot of love, and love is necessary because living beside them can be hard."

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