martedì 28 agosto 2012


You belong to a given astrologic sign when the Sun inhabits that specific sign in your horoscope.
The Sun represents our creative energy, it indicates how we give expression to our inner light, how we shine. Its energy is masculine, active and powerful. Its phisical sphere is our heart.
There is a love story, an endless love story, that has never knows end. It is the relationship between Sun and Earth, between Sun and Man, two creatures that have always lived one for the other, because, if the Sun means life for Man and Earth, it is also true that Man and Earth mean life to the Sun.
While shining and irradiating, the Sun takes nourishment from the benefits it creates - therefore its energy is blessed and never fades despite the long earthly time passed since Man exists, even before.
The Sun is our centre, our heart, our main core, the essence as basic force where the nuances of the other planets mingle.
It is the source of inner warmth - according to the sign the Sun inhabits in our horoscope, it is easier or maybe harder to feel and express this radiance.
Fire sign are the Sun's home, so the radiance, hence the action, is strong. Creativity takes its path, even though it does not go deep, as warmth burns everything. Sometimes it is so hot that it consumes all the inner treasures, not giving them time to reach the outer way.
In Earth signs it will be like magma in a volcano, near the surface for Taurus and Virgo, deep down for Capricorn.
In Air signs it will be the passion for ideas, I am my ideas and I find my own identity in them.
In Water signs it will create a humid environment, it will be hard to warm ourselves up and thus to express our voice. It is as if the Sun can rarely reach its ideal temperature because water rules and everything seems to become steam.
Sun's position in our horoscope indicates where we feel more involved, willing or not.
Embrace your Sun, embrace yourselves and follow the path, whatever you perceive to be natural and easy.

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