venerdì 13 gennaio 2017

01.01.2017 / 10.01.2917 - THE FIRST TWO 111 PORTALS OF 2017

2017 began with a great numerological magic intake: 01.01.2017 and 10.01.2017. These both dates sum up to 1 1 1 - as 2017 is 2+1+7 = 10 = 1. And this marks a path we have already known and experienced in the close past.  While we were going through the rugged dunes of the cleansing process that took place in 2016, we came across 3 999 portals last September, which marked the opening of very large time gaps, within which we revisited ancient issues that had been repeating themselves for many lifetimes. Starting from September we had the opportunity to face our greatest fragility and pain. We survived, we passed over. Now we are given other opportunities to reap the rewards of the hard work experienced to release our identifications with the inner wounds.
The first day of 2017 was the first portal 111. On 11.58 PM a Portal really opened up in the astrological sky, as it is possible to observe in the chart below:

The four corners of this 111 Portal are all related to the world of the Feminine Archetypes: 
1) Sedna, a newly discovered asteroid, named after the Inuit Goddess of the Ocean, symbolizing "the next phase of the awakening of the humanistic consciousness of Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth" (, in the sign of Taurus, belonging to the Earth Element, the grounding.
2) The Part of Fortune, symbol of what gives us joy in everyday life, in Leo, one of the most generous signs of the Zodiac, shining and bright.
3) Lilith, the Great Rebel, in Scorpio, a symbol of a lively passion (the Shadow of the Moon) that makes us eternal and extraordinary.
$) The Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius, creativity reaching the highest peak in the quest for freedom of expression, available to anybody anywhere.
These are the terms we are starting this year with.
The Feminine Archetypes have then found a way to complete themselves,  to mingle and to flow into the Masculine Archetypes in the second 111 Portal of 10.01.2017, so that every inner conflicts may be balanced in time. One of the main qualities we will be exploring in 2017 is to understand that our relationships are an accurate mirror of what and who we are. In the coming months we will find ourselves questioning and observing our intimate ties from this point of view. And it will be very interesting. 
Now let's examine the astrological aspects on 10/01/2017:

The Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Capricorn formed a precise aspect of Quinconx at 20 °, symbolizing the redemption of an ancient karma established by those who were forced to live their relationships only based on strict social laws because there was not enough strength nor depth to  understand love as the mainstream. Now that the state of consciousness is changing, humans may perceive they want to learn how to communicate with those who have always talked a different language. There is the need to integrate within ourselves all that has been so far perceived as being different.
Another form can be observed in the above picture: 4 planets were set in the 4 Mobile Signs, the ones closing a season, bearers of a great change: 
1) Moon in Gemini, to awaken a state of creative madness taking us to think and act out of the box; 2) North Lunar Node in Virgo, an Earth Sign, thus helpful to keep us on the right track to avoid dispersion; 
3) Saturn in Sagittarius, giving highlight to a spiritual call. Everything is acquiring a deeper meaning and we can notice it; 
4) South Lunar Node, Venus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron in Pisces, symbolizing all the old that we are leaving behind (the Age of Pisces was the era which we began to walk out from already in 1975).
The awakened Female spirit can mingle with the powerful Male spirit (the Sun is conjunct Pluto, representing a human being that is no longer a slave to his/her rational mind, and he/she is connected with the Great Beyond of the Self). Let us take time to observe how these aspects will change our lives, how our thoughts and actions may turn to peace and solutions instead of remaining on conflicts, reactions and problems. What we can expect during this month is the healing of long-term conflicts, enemies beginning  to smile to each other because they realize how fighting is an empty reaction, deprived of sense and dignity. While observing, we can be surprised at how easy it can be to change perspective. The here and now makes us eternal, full of passion. We feel we are there with our whole essence, totally real, and true.
Soon we will step into two more 111 Portals on 19.01.2017 and 28.01.2017. I will soon investigate the implications! 
Stefania Gyan Salila

domenica 27 novembre 2016


From November 2016 to January 2017 Jupiter in Libra will perform an interesting astrological dance. Jupiter in Libra is symbolizing the process of Alchemical Union of opposites reflected into our relationships. Even if we are single, the focus is still on how we relate with what we feel as opposite to us.  
Planetary transits at the closing of 2016 will produce a deep impact on us. First of all we will feel it is time to fall in love with ourselves. it is now or never (just like Elvis used to sing - he was a Capricorn, a sign which is involved in this astrological dance). Love needs to flow free from within to the surface. We can surrender to a sort of new birth. Jupiter in Libra is allied with Saturn in Sagittarius, that is, our own inner conflicts can come to an end. After fighting for years against ourselves, inner opposites unite, giving life to a new blend of colors, hitherto unknown, with rich and appropriate nuances. For once we will be satisfied with our own imperfections, so we can finally relax and live for what we are, using our resources. The voices of the mind often at odds with each other, the crying of the Inner Child, the sharp criticism of the Great Judge, give way to a choral music with a strong impact on the soul, touching strings of our forgotten instruments. This is the ancient song reminding us of when we were living as a Flame, one with the Divine, as the mythical Androgynous, male and female at the same, in the same conscious Essence. This kind of love we are experiencing is drying the tears of the Inner Child and takes away power from the Judge as we no longer need his/her approval. It does not matter, as taught by Tobias of the Crimson Circle. And if we are feeling upside down, or frightened, let us discover which part of ourselves is asking to be listened to, to be loved. Maybe we are scared of being chased out from our comfort zone. So it is there, in that very moment, that the transmutation can occur.
Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius are supporting each other in creating a safe energy field where we humans can explore relations without too much emotional suffering, as for many of us this is a rather arduous journey. This background allows us to keep the proper attitude while observing how we move inside our couple or in being a single, if we take the necessary responsibility to stop feeling a victim and blaming each other. 
Simultaneously to this, Jupiter in Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn. The need to transcend, to go beyond appearances, beyond socially acceptable rules of behavior, so typically Libra, to descend into the sense of fusion with the opposite, a total, true and passionate fusion, without feeling afraid of getting lost. These next two months will be challenging us to get lost, not just to find ourselves again. There is no repetition or reactivation. It is not that we re-located. We are creating what we are just from the beginning, i.e. from the seed that gave us life. We are given the chance to write a new story that spread our new color nuances back towards the past, regenerating our cells, so that they can create a rich and powerful inner soil. When we decide that it's time to lighten our heart from any load, we allow the Self to come to the surface, after sleeping in unconsciousness for years. There was fear from suffering that placed a stone upon our soul, Its wounds causing our soul to remain hidden for lives and lives, unable to communicate with our conscious self.  
Thanks to these powerful transits we are able to become aware of the hidden sorrows, feeling strong enough to face them. In this way we can build a bridge reaching to our soul, that can pass on new information to our human system, so we can remember who we are. Activating old memories that give birth to a new vision. 2017 will make the new vision a way of life. But I will write about this in another post.
Now, from he depths of our Heart, a Rainbow can let its light shine out.
Stefania Gyan Salila

martedì 8 novembre 2016


November 11 (11.11 Portal) this year comes along with a very special astrological aspect involving the Sun in Scorpio, getting into an accurate conjunction with Lilith, the Great Rebel, at 19 ° of the intense Water sign symbolizing the alchemical process between darkness and light, between distant opposites. On 11.11.2016 at 8.52 a.m. UTC  the Sun and the Dark Moon will give shape to the Great Cell where the opposites can unite.
The Sun is the symbol of Male, the archetype of Power of Man, but also representative of the Christ Consciousness that is developing on Earth.
Lilith is the symbol of the Shadow, the Witch, the powerful Feminine that Men had always feared and tried for centuries to dominate using force,  violence, denial and lies. 
Last time this aspect occurred on November 5, 2007 and before on October 28, 1998. Before then, one must go back to November 02, 1945 to find a Sun-Lilith conjunction in Scorpio. 53 years of time during which the modern age developed together with the emancipation of women. 
Why is the transit of Lilith in Scorpio particularly important? Because Scorpio is already shadow per se, created by intense unconscious emotions. Transiting there, Lilith is incarnating our unconscious in front of which we feel fragile, unable to control ourselves, victims of our needs, prey of a huge sense of loneliness. When the Sun arrives with its warmth, those cold feelings change their nature, and a profound alchemical process of a hard core of emotional suffering is activated. Where there was confusion, fear and sense of lack, now peace, clarity and presence can be perceived.
A whole era is coming to an end, during which we all experienced immense limitations when trying to integrate our male and female aspects, reflected outside in the great difficulties affecting relationships nowadays. The return of Lilith-Sun conjunction in Scorpio is taking us right at the time when the brightest light can combine with the darkest shadow. The greatest Void is turned on by the Spark of Life, a sort of primordial Big Bang for all of us. Where there was a dull aching pain a healing light is delicately taking a shape. Every living being that suffered over the centuries for challenging a bigger yet human power can now find peace because the Persecutor and the Victim are coming at the same level, putting an end to any kind of conflict. Differences are cancelled by an act of will to accept what is divergent from us. The Witch and The Inquisitor, divided  by an ancient mutual hatred can now take off their masks. It is a powerful opportunity to make peace with those who were our enemies, during this lifetime and in past lives, especially relating to relationships. Every inflicted pain is healed, every scar infused with love. It is no longer possible to remain in a state of separation, as everything is calling us to unity, beyond any fear, beyond any barrier. Our heart can no longer stand the heavy resentments from the past and the only thing it is longing for is forgiveness. And to fully forgive it is necessary to face unconscious issues of anger, especially the anger towards ourselves, for not being able to react against the betrayal of love. The conjunction of the two opposite sides Sun/Light - Lilith/Darkness is revealing our deepest wounds. Yet, the desire to overcome pride and sense and humiliation comes from the Self, pushing us to focus on the possibility to achieve a sense of unity never conceived before. The collective human consciousness has never been ready to perceive it yet. This is a fundamental first step on a 9-year cycle lasting until November 18, 2025, when the Sun/Lilith conjunction will come again.
In 2016 the joint Sun/Lilith aspect is particularly important as it occurs on 11.11, a significant numerological Portal, meaning Enlightenment. Bringing  light on the hatred between the genres is one of the first steps towards the awakening of consciousness, as it allows us to make a major change within, wanting to bring our inner parts together at peace, in a deep sense of unity. And if we can reach a peaceful dialogue between our opposites, we can somehow work out our idiosyncrasies, even just by accepting them, giving them a name, finding them the right place within us, without denying them. Finally feeling at ease with our own flaws. And this is indeed a great state of peace we can reach. Which may then be emanated outside. 
There is no need to create outer rivals nor enemies. Time for war is over. A new consciousness is rising. We can protect it with a powerful network of light and an open heart.

domenica 23 ottobre 2016


On October 23 the Sun entered Scorpio, giving birth to the season of transformation, when in the fall the earth turns dark and rotten, a state of the matter which will lead to the return of Light, when times are right. Planetary transits in October, although intense, had been much softer than in September, so it was possible to regain our own strength, testing which were our TRUE resources. Something this hyperactive Summer gave us is the chance to align with our Essence, the real Self breathing beyond every mask we are regularly wearing. This movement within implied an attitude of being completely open to anything coming from our unconscious. It was hard to observe ourselves under that light, but there was no turning our eyes away from there. And now we have changed. Acquiring this kind of perspective about ourselves, we can now allow our steps to take another path, following the streams of the transformational cycle of Nature. Humans are Nature. Moving at the same pace as Mother Nature does, it is easy to find the original flow our cells are naturally moving into. Even if our daily life is running at a different speed, it is necessary to discover where harmony is hiding, to restore a natural flow within and without. 
Fall is the season of letting go, getting rid of every excess, when the Red coming from the Summer first turns brown and then black. This season is portraying the process of transformation of matter, from dense to etheric, which has inspired the greatest minds during human evolution, leading to the development of Alchemy, the journey of matter towards its transmutation, from light to density and then back to light again, like the drive consciousness is naturally following towards its own awakening, when human eyes leave earth to look for heaven, to make earth an heavenly place. 
The Sign of Scorpio (Element of Water - ancient memories in our DNA) is symbolizing all this. This year the journey of the Sun in Scorpio will be much more intense than in the past in highlighting the challenges for each of us, as Lilith, the Great Rebel, the Dark Moon, is there. The brightest Light and the darkest Shadow will meet (they will both be at 19° on 11.11) to heal hidden fears and deep wounds stemming from ancient memories when Men stole the power of Women. Now a time will start to make peace, to bring peace within our hearts. I will go deeply into this at the beginning of November.
The New Moon on 30 October will take place in Scorpio with a powerful Stellium (group of planets) formed by Sun and Moon at 07°, Mercury at 08° and Lilith at a distance (18°). It is time to let go once and for all those who are still around us from a painful past. It is time to let go of grudges and resentments. Forgive ourselves and the others is essential to enter the process of "black maceration" of negative emotions. Suffering can be transformed by letting it mature into wisdom, the wonderful acceptance of life, an attitude stating: if it must be, it will be. 
Stefania Gyan Salila

giovedì 20 ottobre 2016


Looking at the planetary transits of these last days of October, Jupiter in Libra is beginning to establish a new rhythm (Jupiter just entered Libra on September 10), considerably accelerating the evolutionary path of those humans that are awakening. Here is the link to read more about the meaning of Jupiter in Libra. In general, Jupiter is expanding the values of the sign it is travelling in for about 12 months. In Libra, Jupiter is bringing on surface all our issues regarding relationships,  feelings and emotions. The attention is drawn towards the importance of finding a balance between male and female inside.
Since the beginning of 2016, planetary transits are building up a path for each of us where we can explore how true our feelings towards our partner are. We are trying to find a balance between the masculine and the feminine within us, which is reflected into the role we let the partner play in our life. 
What will happen next? How can we change perspective thanks to Jupiter in Libra? In these last two weeks of October and the first two of November, the Giant planet of our system will give birth to a powerful healing aspect together with the Lunar South Node in Pisces. This Node represents the starting point of the evolutionary path of mankind in this moment in time. In general it can be considered as a Cup containing Water charged with karmic memories, which each of us is moving away from to learn something new. Pisces, from this point of view, symbolize a sense of inadequacy and self-sacrifice, self-denial, abandon, refusal, emotional suffering. 
Now Jupiter and the South Node are creating an aspect of 150 °, known as Quincunx, representing the chance to heal a vital issue after many lives spent trying in vain. This aspect can clean up our relationships from any sense of sacrifice caused by a lack of self-worth in being loved. Every time we denied ourselves in order to being loved. Every time we attracted people who did not respect us because we felt less than zero. Whenever we have been betrayed because we were betraying ourselves. Every time we said yes to fill a void even if we wanted to run away. Whenever we have been forced to lower our head as a sign of subjection towards someone manipulating us. All these wounds created a lump of heavy negative emotions. Whether these memories belong to this life, whether they are part of our individual events or flowing through our veins from our ancestors, or they stem from past lives, they still left a trace in us, influencing the way we have experienced relationships so far. 
Now it is time to heal, as changing consciousness to integrate a new frequency of light requires to be free from past burdens, especially regarding relationships, the most sensitive area every human is risking to stumble upon. This is a great opportunity to realize that we have changed, we are changing and that now it is possible to laugh and get lighthearted in front of what was hurting before. 
Quincunx will be exact between 22 and 25 October (09°). Healing can obviously relate to other aspects of our life, depending on where Libra and Pisces are positioned in our Birth Star Map. 
In any case, we can let go of suffering, a chance the path of the Lunar Nodes between October 2015 and May 2017 is preparing for us. Collectively, mankind is going through this, i.d. consciously let go of pain, leaving our complaining self behind, as time is no more for us to look at that direction. Another voice is awakening within. It is talking about our inner treasures and resources, personal skills and abundance. It is talking about choice - choosing to say yes to Life and Love, watching them coming towards us.
So we may feel lightheartedness, no longer bound to passive and submissive beliefs, what has been holding us back in dependence and loneliness. This means we can finally become adults. Yet, only if we feel ready to do so, leaving the role of son/daughter behind, even though our age is proving this happened a long ago. Mature into self-love, feeling cleansed from the past, profoundly renewed. So the entrance of the Sun in the Water Sign of Scorpio on 23 October, a topic I will write about soon, will initiate a powerful process of inner alchemy helping us to be reborn completely new. And in peace.
Stefania Gyan Salila 

domenica 16 ottobre 2016


The energy of the Red Dragon represents the Matrix of Mother Earth, as the dragon is the root of her telluric energy. Like Mother Earth, Red Dragon brings forth a nourishment for all the humans, as an invisible but indispensable presence. This presence is the ancient call of the I, who are we, who are the others around us. It is the strength defining us as a whole, the roaring voice coming from within.  
Today's Synchronicity is the journey of the Red Lunar Dragon during the Full Moon in Aries, a Fire Sign, symbolizing the growth of the Individual in a lifetime. The Sun in Libra and the Moon in opposition are stabilizing an interaction between polarities, inspiring us to do the same with our relationships, at any level.
On the second day of the Wavespell of the Yellow Sun awareness is focused on the relation between inner light and inner shadow. Can we accept our own shadow? Do we feel free to breath in what we do not love of ourselves? The main aspect arising during the 13 days of the Wavespell of the Yellow Sun is the law of polarity, establishing that the more light we put into a situation, the greater darkness appear. So let us observe without fear. Let Synchronicity inspire our steps through signals, visions and number codes (11:11, 333, 222, etc.). We are awakening to the Solar Consciousness, so let us follow the groove. 
Stefania Gyan Salila

sabato 15 ottobre 2016


The 20 Solar Glyphs resonating to the 13 Galactic Tones are the translation of the energy irradiating from the Source, Hunab Ku, "the Only Giver of Measure and Movement" (Humbatz Men). Our Sun, like all the other suns in the different systems in our galaxy, is breathing in these flows of energy/information beaming them to the planets under its care, creating a harmony of interrelations between the 10 planetary consciousness.
This harmony is a state of consciousness tending to enlightenment. Following the 13-Moon Synchronometer, our minds can bloom like flowers nourished by pure light, and our true colors come to manifestation.
During the 13 days of the Wavespell of the Yellow Sun we learn to tune into our own the frequency, our real inner resonance, the original vibration of the Heart and through meditation and focusing we can breath in light from the Third Eye to increase the power of our Vision.
The Yellow Sun is Kinich Ahau, the Great Consciousness, Lord of Time and Center of our System. We honor the essence of this great Being, adored as the highest deity by all the ancient cultures on Earth. We can align with its transmissions (solar storms, sunspots and solar winds). They are light codes arriving here on Earth to support the Awakening from a state of hypnotic sleep. The veils between different worlds and dimensions are thinner and thiner, boundaries are vanishing. So it will be more and more.

Stefania Gyan Salila

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