lunedì 16 settembre 2013


From September 15 to 17 the Moon is in Aquarius, a visionary, revolutionary, anticonformistic sign, driven towards the future and the high spectrum of light.
Baba Bedi ( in his Aquarian Philosophy defined Uranus, ruler of this sign, as the planet symbolizing our psychic sensitiveness, the human ability of capturing the invisible.
This Moon is forming an important square aspect (inner tension) with Saturn in Scorpio (deep desires), pushing us first to focus on what is still lying inside of us unheard, to take it out and make it real. This part represents an important tool to get to our integrity.
As this is a very powerful Moon because it is almost full, it is able to take out a lot of our shadows (of which I wrote this morning in Italian:, that Saturn is tending to emphasize while travelling in the unconscious sea  of Scorpio.
If you have also felt surrounded by strange events today, I invite you to use the Ho'oponopono mantra (for details, where the affirmations FORGIVE ME, I'M SORRY, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU have the power to clean up and to purify our own energies, thus helping the process brought by through this Moon.
If we really want to get to our integrity, it is also necessary to face what we don't love much nor love at all within us

Stefania Ashtalan

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