martedì 8 novembre 2016


November 11 (11.11 Portal) this year comes along with a very special astrological aspect involving the Sun in Scorpio, getting into an accurate conjunction with Lilith, the Great Rebel, at 19 ° of the intense Water sign symbolizing the alchemical process between darkness and light, between distant opposites. On 11.11.2016 at 8.52 a.m. UTC  the Sun and the Dark Moon will give shape to the Great Cell where the opposites can unite.
The Sun is the symbol of Male, the archetype of Power of Man, but also representative of the Christ Consciousness that is developing on Earth.
Lilith is the symbol of the Shadow, the Witch, the powerful Feminine that Men had always feared and tried for centuries to dominate using force,  violence, denial and lies. 
Last time this aspect occurred on November 5, 2007 and before on October 28, 1998. Before then, one must go back to November 02, 1945 to find a Sun-Lilith conjunction in Scorpio. 53 years of time during which the modern age developed together with the emancipation of women. 
Why is the transit of Lilith in Scorpio particularly important? Because Scorpio is already shadow per se, created by intense unconscious emotions. Transiting there, Lilith is incarnating our unconscious in front of which we feel fragile, unable to control ourselves, victims of our needs, prey of a huge sense of loneliness. When the Sun arrives with its warmth, those cold feelings change their nature, and a profound alchemical process of a hard core of emotional suffering is activated. Where there was confusion, fear and sense of lack, now peace, clarity and presence can be perceived.
A whole era is coming to an end, during which we all experienced immense limitations when trying to integrate our male and female aspects, reflected outside in the great difficulties affecting relationships nowadays. The return of Lilith-Sun conjunction in Scorpio is taking us right at the time when the brightest light can combine with the darkest shadow. The greatest Void is turned on by the Spark of Life, a sort of primordial Big Bang for all of us. Where there was a dull aching pain a healing light is delicately taking a shape. Every living being that suffered over the centuries for challenging a bigger yet human power can now find peace because the Persecutor and the Victim are coming at the same level, putting an end to any kind of conflict. Differences are cancelled by an act of will to accept what is divergent from us. The Witch and The Inquisitor, divided  by an ancient mutual hatred can now take off their masks. It is a powerful opportunity to make peace with those who were our enemies, during this lifetime and in past lives, especially relating to relationships. Every inflicted pain is healed, every scar infused with love. It is no longer possible to remain in a state of separation, as everything is calling us to unity, beyond any fear, beyond any barrier. Our heart can no longer stand the heavy resentments from the past and the only thing it is longing for is forgiveness. And to fully forgive it is necessary to face unconscious issues of anger, especially the anger towards ourselves, for not being able to react against the betrayal of love. The conjunction of the two opposite sides Sun/Light - Lilith/Darkness is revealing our deepest wounds. Yet, the desire to overcome pride and sense and humiliation comes from the Self, pushing us to focus on the possibility to achieve a sense of unity never conceived before. The collective human consciousness has never been ready to perceive it yet. This is a fundamental first step on a 9-year cycle lasting until November 18, 2025, when the Sun/Lilith conjunction will come again.
In 2016 the joint Sun/Lilith aspect is particularly important as it occurs on 11.11, a significant numerological Portal, meaning Enlightenment. Bringing  light on the hatred between the genres is one of the first steps towards the awakening of consciousness, as it allows us to make a major change within, wanting to bring our inner parts together at peace, in a deep sense of unity. And if we can reach a peaceful dialogue between our opposites, we can somehow work out our idiosyncrasies, even just by accepting them, giving them a name, finding them the right place within us, without denying them. Finally feeling at ease with our own flaws. And this is indeed a great state of peace we can reach. Which may then be emanated outside. 
There is no need to create outer rivals nor enemies. Time for war is over. A new consciousness is rising. We can protect it with a powerful network of light and an open heart.

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