mercoledì 22 agosto 2012


Now we will talk about water signs because I want to talk about emotion, a sea where we can drown and suffocate, a huge wave overwhelming us, up- and downstreaming, a hole in the stomach, palpitating heart, overreacting nervous system. Emotion invades us and we cannot understand what it is, not to give it a name. We feel distressed because such a depth frightens us and we only want to run where we can feel safe and warm. Yet we are running from ourselves, because that depth carries our name written in itself.
We need emotions to express ourselves, they are our instruments to live, feel, love. The only problem is that nobody teaches us how to feel and to express an emotion aloud but not shockingly for us and for others. Intensity frightens us. Oversensitive souls perceive themselves as freaks because no one ever taught them how to use their inner treasure to build their own world. Everybody should paint their own world in the special colors rising from the soul, just to see a reflection of ourselves around us. To make sure we are there and we can affect our simblings positively.
In ancient times oversensitive people were considered half-gods because they could perceive God in everything. Emotion is our pathway to God. Let us give our feelings the right role in our life and let us welcome intensity.
Those who incarnate in a Water Sign have this hard task to feel in a time where most people are frozen inside. What can happen is then that they could feel lonely and miserable even to their own eyes, until they learn to use their gift properly. Sometimes, when you meet one of them, we could have the sensation they have no skin, they have no division line between themselves and the outer world. They could be extremely permeable and consider themselves as castaways in a storming sea.
Do them a favour, explain to them that their sensitiveness is not a illness but a gift and do whatever you can to help them accept this part fundamental part, which vital for us all. Thank them for their mission.

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