domenica 31 luglio 2016


On August 2, 2016 the Moon will join the Sun at 10° Leo, and the monthly holy marriage will happen once again. This is the time of the New Moon in a Fire Sign, when we get in touch with beauty and splendor, the warmth arising from within when we align the opposing parts of ourselves. We can then feel One and from this sense of unity a special movement takes place inside of us.
The New Moon is giving form to a trine with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius (to be focused on understanding our own path in life) and Uranus retrograde in Aries (to bring light into the past to clear secrets and hidden issues). This Fire Trine is a powerful tool to have access to ancient memories hidden inside our unconscious. Fire is light but it is also transformation, burning out all the heavy emotions that take us apart from our nurturing depths, where the memories of who we really are lie. Meditating, contemplating, directing our dreams before falling asleep are all actions taking us in touch with all those sacred places within that can trasmit images to our consciousness.
If fears arise, please radiate waves of love in that direction. It can be a tragic memory that needs to be released. Under it there is a huge quantity of love energy and healing will spread all over our everyday life. It will be possible to understand many present issues that have no apparent explanation. Be grateful for anything coming into your life in these days, for it will be there for your greater good.
Stefania Gyan Salila

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