giovedì 13 settembre 2012


The Moon is the Night-principle, death, sleep, lethargy, dark side opposed to the Sun-light. Night is necessary to accomplish life, because during the deep lethargic winter sleep, a seed can find the strenght to come out from within itself, to die to become a plant.
The Moon is the Growth-principle, it helps you to expand, to evolve and to become someone else, a better self, lining up to our soul project.
As our dark side, when we get close to our Lunar aspect, we embrace the unknown within ourselves, our scary side, a side that nobody taught us how to love or how to get it into the light.
The Moon is the Mother-principle, and it represents the influences we received from family bonds, if we feel accepted or rejected. Did they teach us to love ourselves or did they simply judge us? Did they take us to our sacred path or did they take us apart from it?
The answer is given by the aspects that your natal Moon creates with the other planets in your Astro Chart. And if you look closely they together form a geometrical design. This is the path in this planet in this lifetime. There is a key through which it is easier to get to the exit. The key is understanding, forgiving and allowing.
Understand the forces that took you here.
Forgiving yourself for anything you might think you did wrong.
Allowing Abundance to come into your life because you deserve it.
The Moon is the Power-principle. Knowing and understanding give us the power to stand for ourselves, to embrace our wholeness.


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