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Love energy flowing free, spreading all around us, Venus is a higher note, rising and winding us up in her embrace.
Venus is red because love is strong, it's intense, now more than ever, in these times of self-empowerment.

Her symbol is Spirit over Matter, because Spirit is Light and it flows above us.

Venus in Water Signs is love for others;
in Earth Signs is love for life;
in Fire Signs is sensuality;
in Air Signs is philosophy.
Nowadays there are no more "negative" aspects between planets. These have become chances for the blind person to open up his/her eyes and grow into a self-conscious being. They are chances that Life brings forth for us to fulfill our mission on this planet.

Here under I will give short hints about planets' general aspects together: 
when Venus' and Saturn's horbits get in touch , their aspect represents eternal love, soul twins.
Venus and Uranus is the coup de foudre, the call of Love that no one can resist.
Venus and Pluto represent a deep feeling.
Venus and Mercury is the ability of communicating love.
Venus and Mars are feminine and masculine mingled together. This is an aspect that helps us to integrate duality, because we feel no duality - all is ONE.
Venus and the Moon represent the depth of unconscious life that can be expressed by contemplating our heart and our dreams. The Moon and Venus have the power together to make feel a person as a whole, because the Moon sets itself above Venus and shapes her soul, to be observed, in order to perceive every dreamful and wonderful sign.
Venus and the Sun make a man sweet and a woman strong. They together are vital energy and will to fight for our own right.
When the Sun is in Taurus, one of the signs governed by Venus, the native is very inclined to save Nature from Man's cruelty through actions and more human ways of living.
When in Libra, also governed by Venus, the native is very inclined to save the world from social injustice and to follow changes that can be fundamental for the planet to rise up in vibrations, leading to the Earth's evolution into the awareness of Gaia, Earth's Higher Spirit.
Venus and Jupiter give the native a vocation, a belief that comes first than every other issue in life.
Venus and Neptune is love for the Christ, is to devote one's life to others, denying our needs and requests.

These are short hints of Venus' 12 Zodiac positions:
Venus in Aries is the eternal child, taken from every possible game life is bringing forth. Do I really have to grow?
Venus in Taurus, love for nature and life - see above.
Venus in Gemini is love for communication. Finding new original ways to tell the people you love them - and that you love them all!
Venus in Cancer is the will to stick to our past - but we were made to evolve, weren't we? So go ahead and bury your past by closing a door on it! It's gone already!
Venus in Leo is love for social structures and boundaries. You don't dare to challenge the establishment but really want to be a part of it!
Venus in Virgo, love for analysis, but in the end you lose the final risult. So beware of details!
Venus in Libra, love for justice - see above.
Venus in Scorpio is love for Mystery, is the search to discover the hidden side of the Moon.
Venus in Sagittarius is love for adventure, for what's next that you don't know yet. You always wants to go a step further from where you are now.
Venus in Capricorn is to strive for stability. To be earnest and honest, to do what you are expected to from society and climb as far as you can up the stairs of the Elite!
Venus in Aquarius is love for freedom - no cages, no walls, no family or relation chains! Free you flow in the streams of life.
Venus in Pisces is the greatest empathy ever! You need to find your own limits in order to now who you are. You are a wonderful and unique soul. There is a whole universe inside of you. Get in touch with it and you will know how to use your empathy as a gift for yourself and others.

Venus is the principle of love that we experience in everyday life when we feel willing to do some good to ourselves and to others. It is compassion that sets free the energy that the injuries from our past had frozen inside our hearts. Letting it flow, we can get in touch with this stream and let ourselves go with it. Where to, then? To God, to our Higher Spirit, to Ourselves!

Stefania Ashtalan


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