lunedì 13 giugno 2016


From June 14 to November 20, 2016 Neptune, one of the farthest planets from the Sun, is travelling through Pisces in retrograde, thus sending us a question: what is your place in the world? We have five months' time to find our own answer. We can analyse and investigate various roots regarding our origins (family, our childhood, our ancestors' history), our career (are we able to express our talent?), relationship (is my partner helping me to express my best part? Is he/she reflecting me back my worst part?).
There are many questions open to be answered, but this is the summer of an astrological Cross formed by the four Mobile Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), which bring forth an enormous and general change. These Signs come during the year at the closing of every season, so they always bring about a movement. Now there are four planets in each of these signs and when this happens, humans feel a push to change their life, even if we do not clearly know how. The confusion is caused by conflictual aspects formed by the four planets: each of them is like a voice talking into our head and what it says is the opposite of the other three. So we just feel stuck into our reality, with a huge flow of energy inside, absolutely ignoring what to do with it.  
But let us start from the beginning and let us examine each position forming this Cross:
First Mobile Sign is Gemini. Here the Sun is in conjuction with Venus - they help us breath through the tension, as they bring lightheartedness.
Second Mobile Sign is Virgo. Here Jupiter is in conjuction with the North Lunar Node (actual soul target for the collective). They both have a special mission: to bring about a new order for the humans to follow. This order is divine and is based on the pureness of one's heart. Virgo is the Sign of Pureness on Earth.
Third Mobile Sign is Sagittarius. where Saturn, the Soul Master, is placed in retrograde. Its presence is strong and silent within us and it is pushing us towards our real mission in life, no matter what it takes to get there, no matter the fears we have to face to get there. 
Fourth Mobile Sign is Pisces. Here there is Neptune in conjunction with the South Lunar Node (the comfort zone we must abandon to go forth into our life), and Chiron, the Karmic Healer. They all add a note of compassion and tenderness inside, as we understand we all are walking the same path, meeting to same obstacles within our selves. We are all facing our own shadows, so we need a lot of compassion and sympathy.
The Cross of the Mobile Signs stimulates a lot of restlessness, weariness, and disillusionment regarding every past attempt to move from where we are. Still, the chance we are offered now is to breath openly and thoroughly, for we were preparing for this moment. Until now there was always something missing to complete the picture. Neptune and its transit, so deep into our own unconscious, will help us to put light on the illusions we used to hide behind. Let us get ready for a lot of emotions to come out. Let us breath while we are in this flow, so that our cells can get rid of every memory held inside that took us away from where we are born to go.
Stefania Gyan Salila

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