martedì 12 maggio 2015


This is the end of the Blue Hand Wavespell that brought galactic information about Healing on our planet. Galactic information is a wave of light travelling in the void, starting from the Great Central Sun to any farthest planet in our Galaxy. Our Sun, like any other sun in other systems inside our Galaxy, intercepts the waves of light and conveys them to every planet in our System through its activity. We all receive a very high vibration that assists us in opening up to a new Vision of Life, that supports us in developing a deep sense of Unity with the Multiverse and helps us to see ourselves bigger than our physical reality.
The Healing Wave ends up with a Galactic Activation Portal, a point in galactic time when energy runs in faster, intuitions are powerful and you can do magic.
Since April 30, these last 13 days were intense. A Wavespell lasts 13 days, as 13 days is the earth time required by the galactic energy to create a path to ground a new teaching. In this case we experienced a healing process at any level. If we opened our hearts, we could heal what had to be understood and let go. Now we feel lighter and more centered.
This is the power of the Blue Cosmic Storm, the Principle of Self-Generation and Destruction, activating change and the path of self-individualization.
Thanks to the Cosmic Storm we could let go all of those ideas, concepts, thoughts and things we do not fit in any longer. We stepped into the Portal to get rid of any old pattern and now we breath in fresh air. So our journey continues tomorrow with the Yellow Sun Wavespell and its teaching: how to reach for Illumination.

Stefania Gyan Salila

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