domenica 3 maggio 2015


On May 03/04 the Moon gets Full at 13° of Scorpio, a powerful and sensitive Water Sign, connected with our hidden, uncomfortable and intense emotions of passion and vulnerability.
Last week a magical Trine between Sun in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Lilith in Virgo opened up an interesting window, from where to observe Light and Dark flowing together inside of us to be integrated completely.
The Sun is our awakened mind, while Pluto and Lilith are the unconscious and the hidden emotions. Through this Trine in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), the unconscious was enlightened, and we could have experienced a sense of inner nakedness, somehow facing the most painful aspects we felt identified with. Yet, if we could stand in front of our truth with dignity, no pride to keep us apart from grief, metaphorically holding ourselves tight in compassion, this week the Moon can offer us an opportunity to make room to those very uncomfortable aspects raising up from our depths. It is possible to discover that we are vast inside, so vast to be able to contain any kind of emotions without falling into panic, for emotions are like waves we ourselves generated as an expression of ourselves. there is a special place inside where all this can flow gently and this is our heart. A powerful access to our heart is breath. Breathing slowly and deeply widens up our heart and emotions can then be experienced freely.
The Scorpio Full Moon can teach us to let go of the harshness we use toward our "weakness" (what we judge as such), in order to find peace and balance with our "shadow" - the hidden aspects revealed by the Sun last week.
When the Moon gets Full, this means that It is right at the opposite of the Sun, In that position they face each other, they look at each other, they talk to each other and they bridge a gap, joining together what is separated between light and dark. This is the right way to create an ocean of shades reflecting our human nature that evolves towards a conscious experience of the angelic part living inside of us.

Stefania Gyan Salila

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