domenica 12 aprile 2015


In this moment the Human Collective Mind is flooded by two series of planetary rays, originated by a double Trine - one is a transformative Fire Trine and a constructive Earth Trine.
Fire Trine is formed by Sun and Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. All these celestial bodies represent different nuances of our Inner Master.
Earth Trine is formed by Mars in Taurus, Lilith in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. They all symbolize a connection between conscious (Mars) and unconscious (Lilith and Pluto). 
This peculiar spiritual geometry is very useful, as it is emphasizing the transformative task of our Inner Fire to bring darkness into light. Our dark side is made by all those uncomfortable emotions that invalidate our daily life, such as fear of abandonment, refusal, sense of loneliness, repressed anger, etc.
It is a dark side, because each of us unconsciously did one's best to stay away from those wounds to survive. Yet life should just not be a matter of mere survival. To make our life a joyful path as possible, we can all bring light and clarity inside ourselves and the present Trines can help us in doing so.
There is a part inside called the Warrior of Light. This Warrior is full of courage and can help us to get in touch with our wounds without succubing. Sometimes our wounds are hosted into our body, in a contracted muscle, in a chronic stomach ache. Other times they find themselves into our subtle bodies, manifesting as irrational fears, fobies, etc.
Fire and Earth are two of the four basic elements and they represent the gift of giving a body to our Inner Light.
2015 is really particular for our inner processes. We have the opportunity to walk along different paths that the Higher Sacred Geometry is preparing, in order to getting rid of the illusion we are our own wounds. What we really are in our deep Self is a wonderful Being of Light.
Stefania Gyan Salila   

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