venerdì 3 aprile 2015


Tomorrow we will come out of the Eclipse Corridor that started on March 20, with the Solar Eclipse. Everything you asked to be healed, it has been healed, anything you wanted to let go, it is going or it has already gone. We are preparing a background for the New to come, leaving pieces of our life behind we had to face in any case, just to let them slip away.
Our body suffered a lot from this deep process of purification because it offered itself as an alchemic laboratory through which purification made its way to our consciousness. We may have suffered from stomach ache, pain in the digestive area, no hunger, sense of tension around our belly.
We can help this process by taking hot baths with Pink Hymalian Salt, consuming vegetable soups and light food, fruit juices and herbal teas.
Water can help us releasing the old, now that we are coming close to the Full Moon in Libra (April 04). Libra is the Sign where we realte with the other and the Full Moon in Eclipse helps us to develop this relationship through compassion. If we have been honest to ourselves in the last two weeks, we will be able to see the other as a real partner and not as someone to fill our inner void with. 
Void is becoming an inner attitude we long for, because our Inner Child is healing, thus giving us Its love. We are now ready to embrace It, as we have prepared a special place for the Inner Child inside of us, in the meantime.
As we are able to embrace our Inner Child, we can also embrace another person in our life because our Void becomes a Sacred Place and we are no longer scared of being abandoned.
Stefania Gyan Salila  

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