lunedì 6 aprile 2015


On April 09 the Magnificent Jupiter, symbol of abundance, takes Its direct movement in Leo again, after retrograding for months. Jupiter is the biggest planet of our Solar System. Its transit along every Sign lasts 12 months ca. and like every other slow planet, Jupiter turns backwards once in a while.
Since last July 2014 this big planet is travelling through Leo, until August 2015. During this cycle Jupiter is emphasizing Leo's keywords in the mental collective, such as: sense of responsability, social role, keeping up with our expectations. There are also other values, such as: inner royalty, awakening of the Inner Master, connection with the Heart of our Heart.
Since December 9, 2014 Jupiter has been travelling backwards and it will do so until next Thursday, April 9. The last few months meant a lot for our Soul, because Jupiter's rays created a spiritual path that pushed us closer and closer to our Inner Master. This research made our daily life vanishing. Every burden, every duty, all the expectations, the requirements, they all felt particularly heavy, if not supported by our inner resonance of Truth.
Now Jupiter's retrogradation is coming to an end, bringing a sense of lightheartedness. We can see the results of our spiritual research all around us, because we could consciously integrate our Master within our Heart.
This is an important step to start with the season of the Sun and of the Light, because we are shining from the inside. We may gain a special vibration, supported by the direct movement of Jupiter, which is Abundance. Spring has begun and Nature is very generous now. As a part of Nature, we can perceive abundance all over and feeling grateful for that. As we integrate gratefulness, we can spread unconditional love from our Heart. Gratefulness and Unconditional Love are our new instrument to create New Earth within and without ourselves, as there is no difference because All is One.
Stefania Gyan Salila

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